Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Law of Life

The Law of Life
In science, there is a step-by-step process to information becoming irrefutable.  The first step is the testing of a hypothesis, basically a question in the form of a statement.  For example, Isaac Newton took a rock and said, “If I drop this, it’s going to fall and hit the ground.”  The question of whether or not he was right was answered by repeated testing; from five feet off the ground to ten feet to twenty to forty and so on.  The second step is proving the hypothesis correct enough times that it becomes a theory, which is an established set of ideas.  The Germ Theory, for instance, states that bacteria and viruses are the most prominent root cause of disease; it has been found throughout the last few centuries that certain microorganisms are present inside the bodies of individuals exhibiting certain symptoms, reinforcing the theory conceptually.  The final step is the theory being proven beyond contestation, making it a scientific LAW.  Gravity was the law that came out of Newton’s “what goes up, must come down” hypothesis and theory, for example. 
Another scientific law is Attraction; a popular topic for this newsletter and the first topic for the Atlas For Wellness podcast (link to it).  It is indisputable that “like attracts like” – that what you think about, you bring about; that if you think good things, you’re going to get good things.  When it comes to your health and your overall understanding of what it takes to be healthy, a solid grasp of the Law of Attraction is important because stress management – one of the five pillars of health – hinges on your ability to make the Law of Attraction work in your favor.  It’s almost amusing how controversial Attraction has become in some circles given that it is, in fact, a law already proven beyond contestation. 

Healthcare is an arena in which the spotlight shines brightly on the scientific method.  Interestingly, modern medicine has built its dominant empire in the United States basing what it offers the public on theories, not laws.  Such theories state that the cause of disease is germs or deficiencies within the genetic code.  Its popular philosophy to combat disease is known as allopathy - the treatment of disease by means that produce the effects opposite of symptoms.  Such means include medications, shots, electronic stimulators, nerve blocks, ultrasound, laser, manipulations, etc.  The Germ Theory suggests we are too weak to combat foreign invaders; the Genetic Theory suggests we are fundamentally flawed. 
Neither of modern medicine’s theories take into account the Law of Life, however.  Put simply, the Law of Life states that the human body can heal itself, that our bodies have the innate potential to overcome microorganic attacks and to adapt to individual genetic deficiencies.  The theories of disease significantly undervalue our innate capacity to heal.  When someone fights off a viral infection without assistance from medication, he/she does so based on nothing more or less than the Law of Life – the human body is smarter than the virus.  When someone supposedly predisposed genetically to Type 2 Diabetes develops it but then overcomes it by reinstating her brainstem’s full neurologic control and eating well, it is a credit to the human body’s ability to adapt when given what it needs based on the Law of Life. 
The human body has developed in the same basic way for thousands of years and there are 7 billion people on the planet whose internal operating systems evidence the fluidity of the process.  It is undeniable that the human body is designed to work a certain way (that’s part of the Law of Life). 
Remember, we don't consciously control any vitally important thing that happens in our bodies.  Our bodies are a complex electrical network that would astonish New York City's electrical engineers.  The brainstem develops first.  It's our generator; our main fuse; our Houston control.  It powers the body, it directs the remainder of development, and it will ultimately govern the function of every vital organ, muscle, tissue, and cell.  The brain and spinal cord are next in line.  The brain is your body's own, personal super computer that comes readymade with an indescribable amount of intelligence; enough to ensure that 75 trillion cells in your body perform 200,000 chemical reactions every split second for up to a hundred years.  The brainstem and brain work together to direct the flow of information to the organs, muscles, and tissues, using the spinal cord as a highway.  The billions of nerves that extend from the spinal cord are the exits and roadways off of which the information from the brain/stem reaches the organs, muscles, tissues, and cells.  The organs, muscles, and tissues develop at the ends of the nerves.  The organs produce the cells.
Digestion, immune response, seeing, hearing, heartbeat, breathing, reproduction, urination, hormone production, and each and every other key function of the body is run by this system that was built without our conscious control and continues to be run without our conscious control.  It's an internal, organized, wildly intelligent system.
The Upper Cervical Practitioner’s Corollary to the Law of Life is to remove any obstruction that may reduce the capacity of our innate healing abilities; to ensure that the body's ability to self-regulate and sustain itself is no less than 100% / normal.  Stress management, proper nutrition, and exercise are all essential parts of maximizing our potential as well.  Why not, then, build healthcare around the Law of Life instead of the theories of disease? 
Thinking good things for you as always,

Dr. Chad