Thursday, December 22, 2016

Missing Time Due To Migraines....Unnecessary Perhaps?

Dr. Chad Note - I happened across this article recently and, though it was written in 2011, it's still very appropriate today.  Stories abound regarding athletes missing games, just as so many others miss school or work, because of Migraines and the most common treatment option that they are offered is strong medications that speak nothing to the underlying cause.  This article provides a different perspective on the matter, specifically geared toward Upper Cervical Care vs. Migraines.
One of NBA Basketball‘s most exciting players Dwyane Wade continues to battle migraine headaches after sitting out Saturday night’s game against Toronto, ESPN reported.
“Most of the time it lasts for four days,” Wade said. “This time, the effects are going into the third day. I’m doing everything with the doctors, but there are certain things you can’t control.
Or can you?
Is it possible that there is an underlying cause associated with your migraines Dwyane?
If you got to the underlying cause would it be possible to prevent these migraines?
Would it be possible to eliminate them completely?
Dwyane Wade is a very physical player.  He frequently dives on the floor and has had several head and neck traumas over the years.  Here is one example of Wade whacking his head on the ground in the playoffs a few years ago.
What happens when you get head and neck traumas?
Well these accidents and injuries can tear loose the connective tissue that holds the spine in place and create a weakness, which then allows the spine to breakdown and lock into a stressed position.
Now I am sure that the Miami Heat have a staff Chiropractor, as almost all professional sports team do.  But to get to this problem he may need a more advanced approach than general chiropractic.  Learn more from a recent WebMDstory
If Mr. Wade has a misalignment in the upper neck at the base of the brain, blood flow has been shown to be effected.  Research is demonstrating that these misalignments in the upper neck at the level of the Atlas can be an underlying cause with several vascular conditions such as Migraine Headaches, High Blood Pressure, Multiple Sclerosis and others.  The veins that drain the brain are not working the way that they are supposed to be.
The main way that this takes place is the physical trauma associated with head and neck injuries.
The only way to safely, precisely and gently realign the spine is by acquiring precise upper cervical x-rays.  Once the upper neck is viewed from all three directions then a plan can be put together to correct this complex condition.  The NUCCA procedure is very effective at restoring the upper neck to it’s proper alignment.
Dwyane Wade…why don’t you get checked and get back on the court…
Dr. William R. Davis Jr., D.C. is a Vista Chiropractor and Upper Cervical Specialist.  He is in private practice in Southern California in the city of Vista.  He specializes in correcting problems in the upper cervical spine (upper neck).  This vital area is intimately connected to the central nervous system and problems in this area have been shown to be an underlying cause of a variety of different health problems. More information can be found on his website at
His blog:

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

'Twas Your Health Before Christmas

Tis the month of Christmas, the year’s nearly through
Let us commemorate 2016 with an exciting review.

The New Year began, as it so often does,
With Resolutions aplenty creating a buzz
About health and well-being and what that entails,
In hopes the good over the bad habits prevail;
We offered our guidance with the goals that you made
Go awry, goals tend to do, without the best plans laid.

While on the topic of the best laid plan
A new podcast series about health we began;
If a peruse of the short audio list suggests “lazy,”
There are actually so few because life got so crazy J

Nevertheless, health education remains a top priority
As the basics of being healthy are unknown to the majority;
Awareness is key, “Awareness of what?” is the question,
That too limited in scope are most health suggestions.

We teach you how to give your health a solid foundation,
To decode any confusion with a simple translation.

Health starts, simply, with your body’s normal function,
Which is disrupted by interference at the head/neck junction;
Such is where your brainstem resides in your spine
Upper Cervical Care is designed to keep it in line;
Next is structural balance, a little known part of the mission,
And of course the most obvious: exercise and nutrition;
Last but not least is how you manage your stress,
As too much stress will cause your health to regress.

This was a year when my writing expanded in scope,
Some provided direction, while others provided hope;
From sleep positions to health insurance myths,
To drug rebound effects to what Upper Cervical helps with;
Then to positive attitudes and the power of your thoughts,
To black and white thinking and how it’s all for naught.

As we progressed through the summer, it became very apparent,
That efficiency in our scheduling was no longer inherent;
We give you ample time; we do not your symptoms mask,
We thoroughly educate; we encourage questions you need to ask;
These are our office principles and on them we won’t bend,
Thus changes were made so that we didn’t overextend.

It was another banner year for Operation: Back Pack indeed,
For our school supply drive that helps children in need;
One hundred eighty-two is our new record collection,
A number we all smile about with great affection.

Speaking of records, let’s talk about the clinical kind,
Since Upper Cervical Care and health are intertwined;
We have nearly 90 patients who have maintained for a year,
Whose balance holds steady and whose nerve systems stay clear.

As much as we may spread knowledge on various topics,
Serve the community and strive to be more philanthropic;
Our first and foremost goal – our primary assignment,
Is to help you achieve and sustain your Upper Cervical alignment.

It may be repetitive, but to not repeat it would be remiss,
If you learn nothing else from us, then please remember this:
The brainstem is the organ that gives your body its power,
To distort its function is like interfering with a cell tower.

So, as we prepare to conclude another three sixty-five,
We want you to know how much we hope that you’ll thrive;
And if you set goals and work hard to get well,
Then it’s only a matter of time before your health will excel;
As your journey continues, we just want to say “Thank You,”
For spreading the word and all else that you do.

For the final time this year, I'll be thinking good things…
For you and your families as the New Year's bell rings;
Oh, I forgot, there's one thing left to write,

Merry Christmas to all…and to all a good night!