Friday, December 27, 2019

Guest Blog: Health Coach Mollie Gordon's New Habits Made Easy 7 Week Program to Start 2020

Wow. I don’t know about you, but I’m quite startled by the fact that it’s December 2019 and January 2020 is moments away. I find myself feeling extra contemplative and reflective. Where did this year go? How many goals from January did I achieve, and how many do I want to roll over into 2020? What habits do I want to strengthen? How can I get better support for those life areas that I can’t seem to get solid? What new desires do I have that I want to address in 2020? 

I’m guessing that you’re in the same place. You, too, are likely pondering these same things while standing in the checkout line, waiting at the traffic stop, or vacuuming the living room. It’s often easy to identify what you want to change or improve upon, but if you don’t have consistent accountability and support, it can be very difficult to sustain. I have many friends who love and encourage me, but I notice my best progress in challenging life areas are when I connect with my coach. Yep, I have a coach, too—even as I myself am a Lifestyle and Health Coach! 

A few weeks ago, when this year’s contemplative cycle began, I remembered the New Year-New You program that Dr. Chad & I cowrote. Some of you may remember me as the Office Manager at Triad Upper Cervical Clinic, and you might even remember our offering that program. There were a lot of good elements to it, but I think what was missing was the personal accountability aspect. If you weren’t coming into the office once a week, you didn’t get the weekly support when you saw me or met with Dr. Chad. At the time, Dr. Chad & I discussed ways to address to that issue, but we just weren’t able to arrive at a workable solution. However, I’ve now developed a revised version of that program, which I want to offer to TUCC patients beginning the first week of January 2020. 

New Habits Made Easy – A 7-week program to kickstart your 2020

This package includes: 

· One (1) Set-Up Session of 30-45 minutes in length to identify desired habit changes and to create a realistic, personalized plan.

· Five (5) 20-minute check-in sessions, once per week for 5 weeks, to review progress, discuss challenges & brainstorm solutions

· Seven midweek email reminders personalized for you and your goals

· One (1) Wrap-Up Session 30-45 minutes in length to review the active 5 weeks as a whole and to determine best next steps

· Workbook with writing prompts, log sheets, and general health info sheets

· Each of these sessions are one-to-one, live phone calls with me.

TUCC Introductory Offer is $125 per person, regularly $275. Only 10 spots are available due to time constraints. Please call 336-287-8931 to register.

So, what’s one of my goals for 2020? I want to live out more of my gifts, talents, and strengths as a Lifestyle and Health Coach. I’ve realized since I began coaching that I’m excellent at listening, noticing, encouraging, and guiding, and I want to put more of that into the world. So, helping you with your goals helps me with mine! I love it when I can tap into healthy synergy, don’t you? 

I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in this program. And if you’re not, I wish you the healthiest and happiest 2020 possible, whatever that means for you.  

Yours in Health,

Mollie Gordon

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Holding = Healing

The medical model of healthcare has taught patients to expect treatment even if it may not be necessary. With Upper Cervical Care, you should NOT expect a correction just for the sake of doing something. We advise you look at it similarly to how you would a dental appointment. If you go to the dentist, you only receive a treatment if the check-up reveals a problem...and we do not visit dentists to address problems, but rather to prevent them. We brush our teeth to ensure that we get a good report from our dentist. It is that same mindset that we use when caring for our cars or our homes - preventative / maintenance. If you want a good report from your Upper Cervical Practitioner, it is in your best interest to concentrate on holding your correction and following your list of "Do's and Don'ts." You should not desire to receive an upper cervical correction anymore than you should want to get a cavity filled every time you go to the dentist. It means something is wrong! It means that your brainstem has been re-compromised and that your body has shifted back out of balance. 
Regaining your health does not come from getting your head on straight, so to speak, it comes from keeping your head on straight.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Patient Overall Health Evaluation

Patient Overall Health Evaluation

There are 5 core categories that shape your overall health.  Please answer the following questions so that Dr. Chad may better help you moving forward:

Category 1: Stress Management

On a scale of 1-5, 1 being terrible and 5 being wonderful, how well do you manage stress?

What do you do in order to manage stress?  

Category 2: Nutrition

On a scale of 1-5, 1 being terrible and 5 being wonderful, how would you rate your nutrition?

Honestly, are you currently working toward taking the next step with your eating habits?

Category 3: Exercise/Activity

How often do you exercise (including yoga, walking, going to the gym, etc.)?

Honestly, are you currently working toward taking the next step with your exercise habits?

Category 4: Function

If you were asked, "Does your body function properly?" could you answer that question?  Have you ever had your nervous system tested for distortion the way that you have had your blood pressure evaluated or your teeth checked? 
Are you happy with your current health care team (i.e. the doctors and therapists that you see)?  Would you be open to suggestions for other practitioners with whom you could work?

Category 5: Structural Balance

Do you know whether or not your body is structurally balanced?  Has it ever been assessed? 

Have you ever been told that you had one leg shorter than the other?