Monday, October 19, 2020

Guest Blog: Carri Davis and the Kambo Detox Method


(Dr. Chad Note - Some of you may know Carri from her time running my front office years ago or as one of the best massage therapists around, but she is the type who constantly seeks innovative ways to help people and today she is sharing with us a most unique method to facilitate healing.  I know several people who have experienced it and raved about it.  Check it out!)


Discoveries in Amazonian plant medicine have been making big headlines in alternative medicine lately.  There are many master plants which have healing benefits for the westerner who has reached an impasse with traditional allopathic medicine.  Quite a lot of attention has been paid to the plants which offer psychedelic experiences - but lesser known, and perhaps more effective for chronic disease, is a powerful treatment that comes from the Amazonian Monkey Tree Frog, or Phyllomedusa Bicolor.  Named for the shaman who discovered the medicine, Kambo is not hallucinogenic - though its healing peptides can have benefits for both mind and body.  This medicine has been used by tribes in Peru, Costa Rica and other Amzonian communities for around 2000 years to eliminate various pathogens, like poisons from deadly bites and stings, and parasites from polluted water.  It’s most important to note during this time of Covid 19 hysteria, Kambo’s history stems from the search of one medicine man to find a cure for an unknown plague which was sweeping through the Amazon, decemating village after village.  His medicine journey with “Grandmother” revealed to him the means and methods to apply the secretion of the frog, thereby saving his village from the plague and restoring the healthy biome of his village.


Kambo is a powerful lymphatic and blood cleanser.  Shown to increase white cell activity, decrease blood toxicity, and clear the plasma of pathogens like bacteria, parasites, and fungus, it’s unparalleled as a full body detoxifier.  Kambo is currently being studied in western labs to understand its vast profile of chemical compounds, which include over 100 different peptides known to have numerous healing effects on the human body.  The process of Kambo is short but intense, lasting a little under an hour, with about 20-30 minutes of strong physical symptoms as the body purges toxins from the entire organ system.  Many people report feeling “empty” or “spacious” after a session, experiencing a physical and mental peace. Kambo is not known to have any psychedelic qualities, but can have profound effects on behavioral habits (addictions) as well as helping to release negative thought patterns. Indigenous tribes believed that Kambo clears the body of “panema” or bad luck.

While the secretion of Kambo is incredibly delicate and difficult to obtain, once harvested onto a wooden palate it becomes inert and stable, able to be reactivated and applied far away from the natural habitat of the frog.  Practitioners of Kambo medicine are able to share this medicine legally in the US because it is not classified or regulated by the FDA or legal system. We hope this valuable means of treatment for persistent disease can continue to be safely and sustainably shared with non-indigenous people, through platforms like Kambo Frog Detox Foundation, where our local Carri “Bindi” Davis received her training in 2019.  Immersion training with Kambo prepares the practitioner for safe and effective application with a firm medical understanding of how the compounds work in the human body, and awareness of potential contraindications.

Carri offers a unique approach to Kambo with the addition of microscopic blood analysis, having received her certification earlier in 2020. Through an educational insight into your living blood in real time, she helps you understand your own internal biome.  Nutritional Blood Analysis is another “gray area” in the field of medicine, largely because of its subjective observational method.  We can identify bacterial overgrowth, fungus like candida, parasite activity, toxicity from leaky gut, and free radical damage to red blood cells, among other factors which lead to disease.  Looking at the blood cells and plasma before and after your Kambo series, you can see a notable decrease in pathogens and an increase in circulation and immune activity.   Each individual has a unique personal chemistry and experience with Kambo.  Multiple sessions with the same person can reveal varying degrees of detoxification experiences and results. 

Kambo is traditionally offered in an “inoculation” series of 3 sessions - however, powerful healing can come from just one session. Some conditions (ie, autoimmune conditions, viral/bacterial infections, and certain kinds of cancer) may require a more in depth protocol over time.  While Kambo has many seemingly miraculous benefits, it is considered an “ordeal medicine”.  Many people do not want to undertake the difficulty of a physical purge.  However, small doses of Kambo can be applied to receive the benefit of the healing peptides.  Carri is knowledgeable with doses that are appropriate for elderly, infirmed, or children, or those who may have concerns about an intense experience.  Regardless of a person’s health and disease concerns, Kambo is often able to provide a step in the right direction.  Carri is able to help create a protocol with you that is unique to your intention for healing, integrating her knowledge of the TCM Meridian system for organ detoxification. She also offers nutritional coaching and hands-on healing as further detoxification support on your healing journey. 

If you are interested in learning more about Kambo, please text Carri at 336-965-6592, or email her at  An information packet will be delivered to your email address, including the science and source of Kambo, medical intake, and rates of service. You can schedule a phone consultation to discuss your treatment plan.


“It is my sincerest hope and pleasure to serve you with all of my heart.”

What is the "Doctor Inside" Each of Us? (Part 2)


That the cells of the stomach lining will have been replaced by the time a reader concludes this article is not something scientists can replicate, yet it exemplifies the presence of an inborn wisdom, always at work.  In last month’s Part 1, an intelligent organization was detailed and labeled as the “doctor inside” often spoken of among those who genuinely understand that the body heals itself.  This is an important conversation to continue because, frankly, American healthcare has a philosophical problem, a flat earth kind of tendency to downplay or even ignore the laws of life while viewing the theories of disease through tunnel vision.  No more than you can learn how to save money by studying how to spend it, you cannot learn how to be healthy by studying sickness.  Understanding the “doctor inside” is among the keys to flipping the script on a broken “health” care system. 

Further labeling is unnecessary, as whether called God or a life force or simply an irrefutable observation of biological science, the intelligence inherent to every known natural law and to an infinite number of processes not yet identified or categorized is just an undefinable something that is there.  Pseudoscience, it most certainly is not, to simply recognize that the superlative + exceptional x infinity-level of innate wisdom found throughout nature is too complex for the human mind, which though capable of extraordinary things cannot reign in the infinite and make it finite.  For example, in organ transplants, the innate intelligence within the body accepts and makes use of the donation once it is put in place.  It is amazing that organs can be surgically transplanted, but a new body accepting another person’s part takes amazement to a different level.  The whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts. 

It is a rather fascinating topic.  The ability of living things to adapt is perhaps the most established fact in science, regardless of the debate destined to rage for all eternity as to how they adapt.  Think of the scope of the adaptation seen in the human body and take a moment to fully appreciate something too often taken for granted.  Atoms further organized into molecules, which are further organized into cells, which further still get organized into tissues that combine to form organs, which are organized into systems.  It is a masterful synergy, the interdependence of the components acting as a cohesive unit.[i] 

There is no need to sit in a corner, concentrate with the all the brainpower one can muster at days end, and attempt to consciously seek and destroy the myriad foreign invaders (viruses, chemicals, harmful bacteria, etc.) that the body encountered.  The immune system operates independently, without need for conscious input, coordinating with all the other systems in the body (nervous, respiratory, etc.).  The same can be said of when the skin is cut and the subsequent organ system interaction that takes place during the average two weeks during which the wound heals.  Another example would be, after head and neck alignment is restored, how quickly the compensations used to level the head when out of alignment with the upper neck release as the body structurally reorganizes back into balance. 

Collectively, the time has come to rebuild supreme confidence that the “doctor inside” knows what it is doing, to honor that intelligence and tap further into the ability for it to be expressed. 

Children often do not appreciate their parents for what they provided until they have grown up.  Kids, especially younger ones, do not typically think about food being on the table or the clothes available for them to wear or the roof over their heads.  To them, those things are there because that is just how it is.  It is one of the ways that trust is formed.  Why does that dynamic largely disappear when the conversation shifts to health and the human body, which in similar fashion is given gifts far above and beyond human comprehension?  A person can consciously choose to hold their breath until the point of losing consciousness, then the innate intelligence within the body immediately takes over and restarts breathing.  The educated mind is a variable, easily influenced, and weakened by age or injury.  Why trust the inherently limited at the expense of the borderline[ii] limitless that directs life as we know it down to the smallest detail? 

Imagine instantly knowing without any training how to fight fire when the crockpot shorting sends the kitchen curtains ablaze[iii] or how to correct a brainstem subluxation when the top bone in the neck gets locked in a position that adversely affects the most vital organ or how to write a best-selling novel as soon as an interesting idea strikes or how to reinflate a lung when it unexpectedly collapses.  Imagine that knowledge was pre-programmed, there from the outset for whenever needed as if it was standard fare.  Since that degree of intelligence – the “doctor inside” – is exactly the sort innate to the human body and all its infinite standardized functions, now imagine a system built around a definition for health like this one: an optimized state in which the numerous organ systems in the body work harmoniously together at a level conducive to sustaining an innate adaptability capable of preventing sickness and overcoming the causes of various symptoms.  That would not only fix the cracked foundation of healthcare, but potentially change the world.

[i] Reggie Gold, DC’s The Triune of Life

[ii] To be further discussed in Part 3                                                      

[iii] I’m missing it too, This Is Us fans


Monday, October 5, 2020

Guest Blog from Mona Flynn: The Ancient System of Yoga Therapy Can Optimize Healthy Living


(Dr. Chad Note - Two years ago, two among our patient base who were struggling to hold adjustments began to maintain for months on end.  I inquired about habit changes that might have led to the shift in their health and was told about Mona's work.  Monthly adjustments for a half decade were no longer necessary thanks to Mona's help.  These patients recently joined the 1 Year Club, with membership earned by holding a correction for one year or longer.  So, I asked Mona to tell us about what she does.  Enjoy!)



Yoga therapy is one of the oldest mind-body practices, and modern science now shows that it can help optimize your health. Keeping yoga true to its roots, yoga therapy begins as a 1:1 practice. It is different (and simpler) than the bendy, acrobatic image you might have of yoga. A yoga therapist with in-depth training keeps you safe and interacts with your doctor of chiropractic (DC) to help you learn skills to improve your health. In addition, a yoga therapist incorporates more than just the practice of asana, the poses – individualized sequences are created to include asana “preprations,” pranayama (breathing exercises), restoratives, Ayurveda, meditation and more, to accommodate each student on their journey into a yoga practice.  


At LifeFit inc, students begin with a private session and can then join an ongoing small group or large group class, attend workshops, special theme class offerings, and retreats. The home studio small group classes provide a yoga wall which creates traction in the spine (space between the vertebrae) and along joint structure and offers support in many other ways such as accommodating limitations, informing the student of internal actions, refining proprioception and more. The state of art pilates equipment refines core strength and spinal support, helps to improve balance as well as muscular strength and flexibility.




What we pay attention to, worry about, and mentally rehearse are all known to directly affect our health. When our minds are jumping from one thing to another, stuck on imagining what might happen, or replaying our most recent argument, we’re like distracted drivers — prone to making poor choices on the road to health. A yoga therapist can serve as your driving instructor. With gentle, small movements and retraining of attention, you begin to become aware of those unhealthy distractions. Through simple postures, breathing exercises and deep relaxation, your nervous system settles down and moves toward relaxed yet alert performance. Sleep improves, muscular tension eases and you make smarter health choices because you are now able to pay attention.


This mind-body stability produced by yoga therapy also improves body awareness and creates emotional control, a known factor in improved pain management and interpersonal relationships. You’ll be inclined to hold yourself with better posture, shoulders drop from your ears, the chest becomes more open, and your lower back releases tension. No wonder yoga is becoming a common player in integrative medical practices. The yoga therapist communicates your new skills with your DC, and together they lay out even better roadmaps to health with your more mobile, stable and adaptable body.




1. The ability to more quickly sense when your nervous system is moving out of balance gives you time to reset before tension, anxiety, or stress create pain and misalignment.


2. Yoga therapy leads to increased postural awareness, which decreases excessive loads on supporting structures and allows for faster healing.


3. A benefit of a regular, smart yoga practice is better sleep, which aids pain, weight control and inflammation.


4. When you develop the habit of “tuning in”/turning your attention inward with simple, short yoga practices, your body almost runs smoother, and your mind-body interactions are optimized. Your Sympathetic drive is not as prone to be on overdrive and the Parasympathetic system’s beneficial effects arrive.


Yoga therapy, coupled with chiropractic care, can help prevent future injury through increased awareness of spinal alignment, more confident balance skills and improved ease of movement—all of which creates a holistic program for vibrant health.


Talk to your DC to see if a yoga therapy professional might be a good team member to bring on your road to optimal health. To read more about Mona Flynn, see