Tuesday, October 12, 2021

A Middle Ground Position on the COVID Vaccine

 Dear Fellow Human,

There are a lot of things up for discussion when it comes to COVID-19 and all of its associated sub-topics.  Disagreement abounds, with most taking a hardline position at polar opposite viewpoints.  Fair enough.  That is the world we live in.  In just a moment, I will circle back to one such hardline position that I take squarely in the middle ground, primarily about the COVID vaccine.  

If you have followed my writing over the years, you will understand how the dominance of polarization in our society might get under my skin, I self-awaringly say with a genuine smile.  My social media page’s likely top repeated phrase may well be “all or nothing thinking is the enemy of progress.”  At some point though, you just have to admit that it is what it is and pray to God that we are in the midst of an era that will eventually give way to mass consideration of the shades of gray on how to think, how to be, how to live, etc.  

Somehow, we keep finding ways to discriminate against each other.  That trend needs to stop, and the stopping needs to start with the push for mandatory COVID (and other) vaccines.  Let me state clearly that I get it if your initial response is that it is not discriminatory to ask people to do something that keeps other people safe.  My reply to you is a simple reminder of an undeniable truth: science is not a belief system, mandatory vaccines are based on a belief system, and it is a violation of our human and governmental rights to be forced to take any vaccine.  If I may paraphrase a divine quote you might know, science is patient, science is ever-expanding.  It does not discriminate, it is not righteous, it is not fixed or finite.  Science constantly seeks and rejoices with truth.  It is knowledge, and therefore infinite.  

The COVID vaccine has no established place in science, any more than do masking, social distancing, or lockdowns as protective measures.  It is based on theory, not fact.  Science is heavily open to interpretation because it is constantly changing.  Smoking was good for you, spraying DDT on children’s skin was okay, heroin was promoted in popular magazines, and adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals are between the first and third leading causes of death in America, according to which medical journal you read.  All of those things are based on a certain brand of science (see experimental, laboratory).  It is important for this subject to acknowledge that reality.  

Personally, I am most interested in why we base healthcare on studying sick people instead of healthy people; for example, the 219 million people worldwide who have been diagnosed with COVID instead of the 7 billion people who have not.  It is easier to keep well people healthy than get sick people well, a statement made in reference to a Dr. BJ Palmer quote reflecting lifestyle choices such as spine and nervous system integrity, nutrition, attitude, exercise, and overall wellness.  Hypothesis: dedicate 5% of the resources spent on the vaccine to simply teaching people how to be healthy and the population’s health will so drastically change that current vaccine conclusions can be reassessed.  

Look, I get it.  It would be quite predictable for this to devolve into the latest episode of the hit 2020 sitcom “Throwing Numbers at Each Other,” and make no mistake that there are hours upon hours of research to read on both sides of that argument (née discussion).  It has been 19 months since that dynamic flooded our lives and our society remains a powder keg.  So, let us try something different.  

Science flows both ways, at the very least.  Acknowledge this truth, for truth has no agenda.  Then, let us review the Nuremberg Code, which is the basis for the informed consent that mandatory vaccines directly violate.  Regarding ethics, the Nuremberg Code states that the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.  The United States of America grants us the rights to life and liberty, among other things, and this does not exclude informed consent.  

To quote Evelyne Shuster, PhD’s piece in the New England Journal of Medicine, “This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and

should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.”

Humans have proven to irrationalize out of fear countless times throughout our history.  It is in our nature to do so, and is therefore excusable.  However, it is inexcusable not to expose the people to both sides of the coin so that rational, more thoughtful decisions can be made, too.  Once informed consent is bypassed, that is it, ladies and gentlemen.  It will be the literal end of the world as we knew it.  Power, not free will, shall be the dominant force in health science.  

Therefore, it is this simple: you do what you think is best based on what you have researched and who you trust, and let thy neighbor do the same.  Amen.  

Thinking good things for you,

Dr. Chad

Monday, September 20, 2021

How Upper Cervical Care Improves Mental Health


A person’s mental health is a complex dynamic influenced by upbringing, genetics, emotional habits, and biochemistry.  From therapy to nutritional choices to spiritual practices and more, there are several options to improve the psychology of the mind, but it is important to remember that the psychological and the physiological are not mutually exclusive.  It is well-established that the mental affects the physical; remember, also, that the physical affects the mental.  Accordingly, the intricacy of the upper neck’s relationship with the skull is an important area of consideration when it comes to mental health.  


Upper Cervical Care, the specialty purposed with correcting and monitoring imbalance between the head and neck, has been helping people with mental health problems for a hundred years.  Dr. B.J. Palmer, the developer of the chiropractic profession, operated a psychiatric hospital for 35 years dating back to the 1920s.  Chiropractic was the only treatment rendered for patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, mania, depression, and other neurologically-based psychological disorders.  The incredible results astounded conventional thinkers of the era and have unfortunately been lost to history.  


Dr. Palmer’s successes and those of the doctors who have followed in his footsteps are traced primarily back to the brainstem, located in the water bottle opening-sized space where the skull’s base meets the top two vertebrae in the spinal column.  The brainstem is the body’s regulatory organ, constantly routing the data between the other organs.  Most of the discussion about it being compromised by a head/neck misalignment centers on the body below that area, the disruption of normal communication it causes and the consequent cascade of physiological problems that then develop, immediately or gradually.  The brain above is similarly affected.


Problems in the brain lead to mental health issues.  Everything in the body is connected, though, so the underlying cause of the problem in the brain can be located elsewhere.  The brain depends on a number of things to work properly, including its cell tower-like interplay with the brainstem, receiving necessary blood supply from feeder arteries that travel up each side of the spine, and the constant flow of fluid that protects the brain from touching the skull and that acts as the highway for nutrients and the cells of the immune system.  Head/neck misalignment, often referred to as a (brainstem) subluxation, adversely influences each one.  It interrupts blood flow to the brain, acts like a dam in a river to brain-protecting fluid flow and disrupts optimal brainstem function like a dimmer switch on the main fuse in a home; the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that controls emotions, interprets the effects of head/neck misalignment as acute stress and activates the fight or flight response, causing a wide variety of reactions including but not limited to altered focus, quicker emotional triggers, fatigue, overproduction of stress hormones, and increased blood pressure.


Nicknamed the atlas, the top bone in the neck intersects with the skull’s base and the second spinal vertebra to form the human body’s most delicate protective relationship, and is incredibly dynamic in its movement on account of being held in place only by muscle.  Since it lacks the interlocking joints of its skeletal peers, the top bone is more vulnerable to the effects of head trauma, which everyone suffers to varying degrees of severity, particularly during childhood.  


Concussions have gained tremendous awareness in recent years, much of the talk centered on the emotional implications; and rightfully so.  For context, a concussion (mild traumatic brain injury) is caused by a trauma delivering 95 Gs of force.  It takes just 5 Gs of force to cause a head/neck misalignment, which reinforces the long-held standard in the chiropractic profession that 95% of the population will have suffered a head/neck misalignment by their 40th birthdays (85% by age 18, 75% from birth or other early childhood trauma).  Upper Cervical Care has earned its reputation as one of the best kept secrets in healthcare, but the awareness of something so common as the upper neck misalignment must grow exponentially to match the significance of the problems it can cause.     


American healthcare has a well-developed tendency to promote allowing the dam to break and then cleaning up the aftermath, often ignoring the gradual cause and effect relationship that defines most problems, mental or physical.  Given the complexity of the mind, it is time to broaden the fact finding focus so that the whole picture can be seen, including the physical dynamics such as the head/neck relationship that can heavily influence brain function and alter mental health.  Parents often tell their kids to get their heads on straight, a point made to instigate better emotional patterns.  The purpose of Upper Cervical Care is to literally get the head on straight, and it can be quite an effective tool to support better mental health.  


Thinking good things for you,


Dr. Chad

Monday, March 29, 2021

Upper Cervical Care vs Vertigo and Other Balance Disorders


Everything maintains a delicate balance in life.  Relationships, finances, and mental health are some of the more practical things that require balance day-to-day, exemplifying a comparable balance maintained inside the body routinely throughout our lives.  There is fluidity to it all, like a never-ending game of percentages, a shift toward a school grading scale equivalent of “A” level balance and the subsequent positive momentum that comes with it followed then by the pendulum swinging the other way in a test of resiliency sometimes too hard to pass.  When it comes to problems with balance and equilibrium suffered by those diagnosed with conditions like vertigo, Meniere’s disease, and others, resiliency has been weakened to a significant degree, so what factors shape the loss of that delicate balance and what can be done to correct them? 

First, it is important to understand how balance and equilibrium are established.  The brain depends on feedback from the eyes and the inner ears.  The position of the eyes is a dynamic constantly read by the brain, as is the amount of fluid in each of the various inner ear canals.  This awareness is accomplished through the hub of the body’s internal communication network, the brainstem, and the nerves branching from it.  An even keel can typically be upheld so long as the feedback loop between the brain, eyes, and ears remains clear of distortion through the brainstem. 

Unfortunately, there is a simple but common problem that can throw balance and equilibrium slowly and progressively into chaos. 

Due to the importance of eye position and inner ear fluid equality, the head needs to remain at least reasonably level.  The head sits on the top bone in the spine, which connects to the second bone to form the triumvirate serving as the body’s defacto foundation; the human body is built from the top-down structurally, not the ground-up.  Uniquely, the top bone in the neck lacks the interlocking features that prevent it from moving too much, making it more mobile, but less stable, a fact amplified in the early years of life before development is completed.  Trauma of all types tends to influence, in addition to the point(s) of impact, the end of the path of least resistance; in the body, the point of least resistance is the top of the spine, held in place predominantly by muscles.  When trauma occurs, the top bone in the neck regularly gets knocked out of its proper alignment.

Losing proper alignment of the head and neck frequently causes the brainstem to be compromised, akin to interfering with a cell tower in a phone network; it also immediately causes the head to tilt, throwing the eyes off level and the inner ear fluid out of balance.  75% of the time[i], this situation occurs in the first several years of life.  Before age 20, the percentage jumps to 85%, and by age 40, to 95%.  Head/neck misalignment is one of the most common ailments in the world.  The human body is innately wired to adapt, so it compensates for the tilt of the head, but borrowing from the earlier used game of percentages / school grading scale analogy, its ability to sustain the resiliency necessary to be even keeled with something so fundamental in an abnormal state is slowly weakened over time. 

The restoration of optimal head/neck alignment is an essential component to reversing the downward trend, allowing the body to readapt and return to normal balance.  Otherwise, the development of various balance disorders, or some other of the myriad diagnoses related to head/neck misalignment, is highly likely.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution.  The upper neck is very dynamic, so it often does not take much for it to be influenced negatively, but problems with it can be rather easily corrected by an Upper Cervical Chiropractor.  A head/neck misalignment is unique to all other misalignment types and thus must be handled with a great deal of precision – no cracking, popping, or manipulation.  X-rays are taken to identify the exact nature of the misalignment, down to the nearest millimeter and degree.  The correction based on the x-ray findings requires minimal force; it just has to be very specific so that once head/neck alignment is restored, the body can maintain it like a good habit replacing a destructive one. 

Other causes of balance disorders do exist, of course – due to their intended influence on the nervous system, pharmaceuticals quite frequently list various forms of dizziness / imbalance among their common side effects – but none are more prevalent than head/neck misalignment.  The goal for anyone suffering from vertigo or Meniere’s is ideally to engage the body to optimally adapt and heal, which makes the brainstem functioning normally and the head/neck being balanced foundational to returning to a healthier state.


[i] Gutmann G, Manuelle
Medizin (1987) 25:5-10)

Monday, February 15, 2021

Introducing Naturopathic Doctor, Sandra Dean

Greetings! I’m Dr. Sandra Dean, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine with a specialty in Homeopathy and Botanical Medicine. I am so thrilled to be announcing my partnership with Dr. Chad McIntyre and the Triad Upper Cervical Clinic in opening my Living Waters Naturopathic practice in Kernersville, NC. After several decades of dedication to the study of natural health, it is so exciting to be sharing in the vision of a balanced approach to health with this community.


As a traditional naturopath I focus on preventative medicine, and investigate the root causes that create body imbalances. With my extensive training at Trinity College of Natural Health, and the Australasian College of Natural Therapies and other certifications, I am able to offer a variety of natural modalities which I use to evaluate the whole body, mind, and spirit. In my practice, I use functional testing to measure the current energetic state of specific organs, glands and tissues, resonating toxins, food sensitivities, blood sugar imbalances, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. These evaluations provide a comprehensive picture of the acute or chronic stress that may be present. This information is used to create an individualized wellness plan that includes non-invasive natural therapies to restore health. I am not a medical doctor, and as such, I do not prescribe pharmaceuticals, diagnose, or treat diseases. The therapies I recommend are complementary to western medicine, and while it is obvious  there are too many factors at play to allow for a magic bullet cure, I do still strongly believe that the body can heal itself when allowed to do so, particularly when combining the proper guidance with nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and nurture that it needs.


As a child, I always had a deep interest in plants and nature. My curiosity for natural medicine began after battling migraines, and seizures for most of my childhood. After years of seeking conventional medicine resolution without success, my mother turned to natural therapies and herbal remedies that remarkably restored my health and well being in my later teenage years.


As life often does at times, I found myself being nudged back to the path of natural medicine after working for the airlines in the early 2000’s.  During that time, I was living  in Manhattan's Upper East Side.  I was primarily flying international flights, with a crazy schedule in different time zones, often eating poorly and noticing the drastic decline in my health once again with a heavily weakened immune system.  During the same timeframe, my grandfather, who we called “Papa Murphy” was diagnosed with cancer, and was given six months to live. It was simply devastating news, as he was my best friend. He began a whole foods diet, and followed a regimen with supplementation, herbal medicine, meditation techniques, and lifestyle modifications under the care of a Naturopathic Doctor. His body responded extremely well, and was so happy to have been able to share another 10 wonderful years with him!  He made such a huge impression on me that I also began a program to restore my health in the same way, which by no surprise, worked and my health improved significantly.


It was only a few months later, I once again found myself at a crossroads when I was confronted with the devastating effects individuals choices can have on one another and the world around us after witnessing the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers from the rooftop of my studio  brownstone apartment.  It was on that roof,  that I instantly made the decision to leave New York City, and the airline industry behind to go go back to college to immerse myself in an education with natural medicine, so that I could follow my passion to help others overcome sickness and hopefully bring some real and positive change to a world that needed it. I relocated to Colorado to dedicate my studies to botany. After graduating from the Australasian College, I spent nine months in New Zealand, researching Maori ethnobotanical plant medicine, volunteered on an organic, biodynamic farm and worked as an intern with clients in a holistic health clinic.


While abroad, I also fell in love with, and eventually married my soulmate, Jason.  After we married, we resided in the high desert southwest city of Albuquerque, New Mexico for about ten years where he worked in flight testing, and I began my natural health career path with my own natural products and education training company for progressive health brands throughout the southwestern region of the US. I continued to study and research plant medicine under seasoned herbalists from New Mexico and the surrounding states.


In 2011, Jason and I relocated to North Carolina to pursue our dream of raising children, homesteading, bee keeping, farming, and creating a plant sanctuary to protect the forest botanicals that are at-risk of becoming endangered. Our farm is called Living Waters Farmacy, where we offer a variety of herbal teas, and a monthly subscription herbal remedy bundles that teach people the simplicity of herbal medicine making.


I am honored to join the Triad Upper Cervical  community,  and I  look forward to sharing knowledge and experience with you. Please reach out to me  if you have any questions, or if you would like a complimentary fifteen minute consultation.


Contact me: Sandra@LivingWatersNaturalWellness.com.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Info to Empower and Reduce Fear in 2021 (from Health Coach, Tricia Sheehan)

Dear Friends,
Last August I organized and hosted a free online event, Healthy and Ready For Anything with a passion to help people feel more prepared and empowered not fearful and angry during the Pandemic. With those fires of fear stoked by political unrest it seems we are in a more dire situation than ever before in our lifetimes. I remain as passionate in my endeavor to be HELPFUL during this difficult time and in that spirit, compiled the information below.

It is 100% okay if you do not agree with or like this information. Take what resonates with you and helps you and decline the rest. Perhaps tuck it away as a seed planted for another time. But so many people are asking me for this information that I wanted to get something out. This is not comprehensive of course but it has some additional perspective and resources beyond what was already shared in Healthy & Ready For Anything (https://www.facebook.com/groups/HealthyAndReadyForAnything)
Here we go....
Conventional medicine is understandably struggling to understand Covid (the disease) or even to isolate the exosome SARS-COV-2 (which is not alive. It is a packet of genetic information.)

It's not acting exactly like other viruses although the medical and scientific communities do have much experience with corona viruses. It's been likened to saying.... here is a new human who I do not know but I know basic things about all humans. We won't know for several years exactly what is happening with Covid and why Post Covid Syndrome is so problematic in some people and nonexistent in others. We don't yet know exactly why some people are exposed to it and develop absolutely no symptoms (esp the under 30 crowd), the majority exhibit minor symptoms, and the few experience serious and even fatal problems but the good news is that we are starting to understand and there ARE things everyone can do to protect themselves.

A major theory coming out of the most brilliant and open minded minds in science and medicine are revisiting Germ Theory (Pasteur) vs Terrain Theory (Beauchamp). These men were contemporaries and engaged in great debate about these two competing theories. How amazing and how important that this debate and exchange occurred. Because science is a process not a philosophy or a religion. When you believe in something too much as a scientist you are biased. Can any human truly overcome bias and know Truth 100% ? Open debate is a REQUIREMENT of the scientific process and it is being completely shut down and censored. Let that sink in. Which path leads us to better health and getting past a pandemic?

Science is notoriously slow. Despite very smart and well meaning scientists, this is just how the process works right now. Shutting down debate and widely accepting dogma makes this process even slower. There has been no such thing as "open source" science. Why not? Food for thought.

The current notion in our communities today is that you are either For Science or Against Science. I ask us all to drop that false set of choices. "#BecauseScience" is simply a way to shut down productive important discussion and debate. Anyone who claims to know with perfect certainty something about science is wildly incorrect. There have always been and will always be new studies, new technologies, and new insights that advance human understanding. It is not static and can not be. I bet in the next 10 years our minds are going to be completely BLOWN by the science that is coming.

Also please keep in mind that the term "Antivaxer" was developed specifically to put a negative label on certain people and has its very own marketing campaign. The correct term is Vaccine Risk Aware. Isn't that something we should all be - aware of our risks for any medical intervention, synthetic or natural? We have to sign multi-page documents before surgeries informing us of our risks, why is it different when accepting a prescription or an injection? Why is being Risk Aware getting shut down and censored? Food for thought.

Moving on to the good news. 
Research has shown various things to have potential to reduce SARS CoV2 replication and/or onset and/or severity of COVID-19 symptoms. See below for natural and pharmaceutical options.
-Herbal Medicines
(double checking this just now it seems to have been taken down. Censorship is in full effect and no longer even trying to hide.
Hopefully this will come back up.)
-Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca biologic/vaccine trials are not complete. Actually they are therapeutics not vaccines - explained here: 
https://thewallwillfall.org/2021/01/11/this-is-not-a-vaccine/. Take your own position on vaccines for yourself. Don't judge or decide for others. Each person has their own medical history and thoughts on this hot topic. Ask for an insert and read the whole thing especially ContraIndications. Some people should not receive vaccines, this is not pro vax or anti vax this is just facts on the insert. Consider rewards vs risks compared to the rewards and risks of experiencing the illness. Either way exposure to germs is 100% guaranteed, neither pharma interventions or natural interventions can remove the trillions of microbes in our air, water, seas, soil, food, etc. Putting effort into healthy living will put you in the best possible position to deal with any harmful or problematic germ that you encounter whether it's SARS-COV-2 or any of the other of billions of microbes we co-exist with.

- Not a definitive list.
-There is no known, FDA approved cure for Covid.
-Talk to your doctor before trying any of these treatments. (Doctor comes from the Latin word for "teacher"- just keep that in mind.)
- This is not medical advice. Only your personal healthcare provider who knows your individual health history can legitimately give that. But each and every one of us can learn and become the CEO of our health. It's time to engage, not blindly follow what anyone else is saying. Doctors are not the only ones with answers. No one doctor can know everything about everything. No human can be 100% right about 100% of the things. Learn and ask. Learn and ask. Reevaluate. Learn and ask. :-)

(Credit to Daniel Chong for compiling this list so concisely. I have many many more resources but didn't want to overwhelm.)
I hope this was helpful and was the info so many of you have been asking for. If you didn't ask for it and are receiving this email, I thought you might be interested or find value in this information.

Blessings and good health to everyone!

Much love,

Get Your Head On Straight and Get Your Life Back

(This article was originally published in the August 2020 edition of Kernersville Magazine and is reprinted here with permission)

Dr. Chad McIntyre has had a long history of serious bumps and bruises.  In fact, his unrelenting pain caused by sports injuries and car accidents forced him to take matters into his own hands.  What he discovered was that despite years of traditional medical and chiropractic care, it was specific, gentle correction to his upper cervical spine that gave him his health back.  Amazingly, a small tweak to his foundation led to whole-body recovery.  Three weeks after his first correction, he felt the best he had felt in over ten years.  His shoulder, neck, and upper back pain subsided, his digestive system returned to normal, and he regained his focus.

“You can simplify health into a basic formula,” Dr. Chad explained.  “Is your body’s ability to adapt to physical, chemical, and emotional stressors greater than or equal to the various stressors working against it?  Do you know if your body is structurally balanced?  Most do not, but structural imbalance makes you less healthy.  What are you eating?  What are you thinking about?  Is it constructive or destructive?  Are you aware of whether your body is functioning normally or abnormally?  The brainstem controls function; it can be compromised and you be relatively unaware of it, quietly weakening your body’s ability to adapt.”

This formula has worked at Dr. Chad’s office, Triad Upper Cervical Clinic (TUCC), for over a decade now. Celebrating its 11th anniversary earlier this year, TUCC is unique in its approach to wellness.  The science to the success of Dr. Chad’s practice is rooted in the brainstem.  This is incredibly important because the brainstem controls and regulates the functions of the various systems of the body (heart, lungs, digestion, immune, etc.).  It acts like a tower does in a cell phone network by routing the communication between the brain and the rest of the body in both directions.  However, the brainstem rests in a delicate area.  It exits at the base of the skull and sits in the ring of the top vertebra of the spine.  When the delicate balance between the skull and top vertebra is lost - even by a millimeter or two - the brainstem can become compromised.  Normal internal function is disrupted and a chain reaction begins which may cause a variety of health problems.  On top of this, the head and neck relationship form the body’s structural foundation, so when it shifts, the rest of the body is forced to compensate, which causes muscles from head-to-toe to be pulled out of balance and leads to a variety of aches and pains, and symptoms throughout the body.  It is no different than the way a home or a building’s foundation not being level causes the windows, roof, and walls to shift.

It has always been important to Dr. Chad and his wife Sarah that they remain active in the Kernersville community so they can set a good example for their son and daughter.  But as shown with past health ailments, staying involved would not be possible for Dr. Chad without the proper healthcare in place.  That is the beauty of being a testament of your own craft.  TUCC removes irritation to the brainstem in order to restore both optimal internal function and structural balance.  The correction is very gentle and safe for people of all ages and can help anyone regain mobility and activity.  Although it is a specialization within chiropractic, it requires no twisting, turning, cracking, popping, or uncomfortable jerking of the head or neck.  Triad Upper Cervical Clinic is the only one of its kind in the Triad.  TUCC corrects only the top two bones in the neck with the understanding that their proper alignment ensures your body’s structural balance from top to bottom.

Dr. Chad practices a ‘less is more’ approach, advocating for the  elimination of destructive functional and structural habits and a shift into prevention and maintenance mode once better habits are formed.  It makes all the difference when it comes to health and wellbeing.  Dr. Chad explained, “The last several decades have removed personal responsibility from the equation, making people depend on interventions.  Health, though, is about choices and habits.  People have to be re-empowered to make their own choices -to make better choices that form better habits.  We teach that health is shaped by proper function, nutrition, structural balance, exercise, and attitude.”

TUCC enables the brainstem to operate at its best, and any additional healing modalities and lifestyle changes are improved in their effectiveness because of it.  Many TUCC patients report immediate and long-term improvements with conditions such as migraines, chronic pain, vertigo, autoimmune conditions, digestive disorders, and various neurological problems.  However, the procedure itself is not a cure.  Rather, it is what allows you to fully exhibit the ability to heal yourself.

Since TUCC opened in January 2010, patients have traveled from all over North Carolina and Virginia to experience Upper Cervical Care and take back control of their lives.  Triad resident Michelle H. shared, “Since being under Dr. Chad’s care, I have been free of Trigeminal Neuralgia pain, migraines, anxiety and have had many other benefits including improvement with GI function, deeper and more restful sleep, increased focus and decreased back pain.  I now have my daughter under Dr. Chad’s care… she is nearly migraine free and has shown improvement with focus, mood, and GI function.”

If you are ready to change your life, give TUCC a call.  Hope, healing, and health are just around the corner.  Triad Upper Cervical Clinic is located at 432B W. Mountain Street, Kernersville, NC 27284.  Visit www.TriadUpperCervical.com for more information or call 336-992-2536 for a consultation to see how Upper Cervical Care can directly help you.

“My personal experiences with my health led me down the holistic path; Upper Cervical Chiropractic changed my life.  The change we need in healthcare is a shift in focus on the patient’s end toward taking personal responsibility and on the industry’s end toward being proactive instead of reactive.  A lot of people suffer unnecessarily such as I did.  It doesn’t have to be that way,” Dr. Chad added.