Friday, March 23, 2012

A Logical and Reasonable Fact...

 "The obvious is the last thing we think, see, or do" - Elbert Hubbard

Look down at your arm for a moment, please.  Make a fist.  Now, pump that fist.

A lot of things just happened in your body...and they were all muscular.  That puzzled look on your face when you read those instructions - that was muscles in motion.  When your eyes moved down to look at your arm - muscles at work.  The breaths that you took while you decided to follow those instructions - muscles contracting and relaxing.

Muscles make things in the body move.  The digestive system is lined with muscle to push through food and fluid.  The diaphragm is a muscle that helps you talk or cough or sing or laugh.  The kidneys are powered by muscle to filter and process, the heart IS A muscle, the liver uses muscles for all its various functions, etc.  The skeletal muscles, of course, give your body motion and keep you balanced.  There are muscles everywhere in every part of your body.  These muscles are powered by electrical impulses from the brain sent along the nerves, the quantity of which is regulated by the brainstem.

This is another one of those obvious things that we ignore when we think of our health.

Your muscles, internally and externally, have a vitally important job to do and they need to be able to do that job not just adequately, but optimally.  Muscles need a normal power flow.  I was at the store the other day and I wandered into the toy section.  I was once an avid fan of the Transformers and there was this (very cool) action figure that moved by pressing a button.  I decided to give it a try.  I pressed the button and the figure began moving and talking....but then it slowed its movement and its words.  Apparently, the button had been pressed so many times that the power was running low.

Well, your muscles cannot afford that to happen.  Reduced power flow means reduced muscular motion and reduced muscular activity.  Reduced motion and activity means reduced organ function.  Reduced organ function means SICKNESS and DIS-EASE.  Interfere with the power supply to the kidney muscles and urine gets backed up, meaning that toxic waste builds up in your body that subsequently causes fluid retention, swelling, and a contaminated system since what needed to be filtered out didn't get out.  Interfere with the power supply to the heart (that's bad) - muscles paralyzed, meaning heart failure, aka the heart fails to pump...that means death.  Interfere with the power supply to the liver and you get a back of bile, meaning jaundice and eventual gallbladder (which processes bile) problems.  Interfere with power supply to skeletal muscles (of arms, legs, back, shoulders, neck, hips, etc.) and muscles can no longer contract and relax in normal rhythm and frequency, meaning spasms, pulls, and tears.  Examples are endless...this analysis is applicable to all dis-eases and conditions in the body, no matter the severity.

It would be wise to identify if that power supply is being disrupted and correct the cause of that disruption, would it not?  Would it not be wiser to I.D./remove the fundamental obstruction to the power supply rather than treat the effects of reducing the power supply?  Does not the former take precedent over the latter?  Of course it does...

No microscope or test tube is needed to verify this fact; it's a fact; it's a Law of Life. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Missing Piece of the Healthcare Puzzle

One of the great things about BJ Palmer is that he studied health based on natural law.  There are so many theories out there, some touching on naturally sound principles (but ultimately missing something) and others just way out in left field.  Yet, Palmer studied the body relentlessly, learning what made it work.  He boiled it down to A) this is how the body works and, subsequently, B) here is what happens when it doesn't work that way.  Once he learned how the body worked, he could understand how it stopped doing so and how it began to break down. 

We can learn everything we need to know about health from studying the body, its anatomy, and its physiology.  In past blogs, we detailed the basics - the brainstem, brain, and spinal cord forming, with the spinal column forming around them for protection; followed by the nerves branching off the cord thru tiny openings in the column to connect organs, muscles, and tissues to the brainstem/brain generator/power supply; the brain generates electrical impulse for all bodily processes, while the brainstem ensures proper relay of those impulses to appropriate body part below.

Taking it a step further, realize that if one organ receives less of than 100% of the impulse from the brain - any less energy than normal - then muscle activity slows, organs slow, motion slows, chemical reactions slow, communication slows, and unbalancing occurs...ALL BECAUSE OF REDUCED POWER SUPPLY (b/c of reduced impulse from the brain to that body part).  Everything in the body is connected.  If one part breaks down, the rest is affected in some way. 

Usually, we look at the body as a bunch of unrelated parts.  So, if one breaks down, we don't make the connection that it would affect everything else, as well.  It's just like the assembly line example we've used - if one part of the line gets less power and makes inefficient parts, then whole gets affected.

The difference between life and death is literally about the expression of that internal energy.  100% of it and you're 100% alive; 0% of it and you're 0% alive, or dead.  Life lives through nerves.  Look at your pointer finger right now.  Take away the muscles, the tendons, the ligaments, the nail, the arteries, and the veins and that finger is still alive.  Take the nerves away and it's dead. 

Life is motion.  Motion is created by energy.  Energy comes from the brain thru the nerves.  Death is absence of motion.

Sick people are those that have smaller percentages of the expression of life - that internal energy, innate intelligence (call it what you will) - less than 100%.  Dis-ease is some degree of decline between life and death.  25% life, for instance, is 75% closer to death (25% remaining life).  As life declines, dis-ease inclines and death creeps closer.  As death inclines, life declines as dis-ease fades in.  Dis-ease - a declining stage between life and death.  Health - an inclining stage between life and death.  WHICH ARE YOU?

Life = 100% expression of innate, mental impulse, electrical energy.  If that impulse decreases, then so does life and you're in a state of dis-ease (hello symptoms and conditions of every variety you can imagine).  However, when that impulse increases, then so does life and you're in a state of health.  Look at this way - if you decrease electricity then you turn down the light and darkness fades in.  If you increase electricity then light returns and darkness fades away.  Every part of your body is dependent upon electrical energy.  Normal is 100%.  Health is heading from less than 100% up to 100%.  Dis-ease is heading away from 100%.  Death is 0%. 

That's the missing piece of the puzzle in HEALTH care. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hey America - You Don't "Get" Health...

Dr. Palmer compared the human body's inner workings to an assembly line.  Like an assembly line, the internal function of the body is brought into action by electrical power.  The assembly line's electrical power comes from generators; your body's generator is the brainstem and brain.  Each part of the body - each unit - adds some part to the completed, whole object (the body).  All of the parts fit into one systematic scheme.  Even though it begins as a bunch of seemingly unrelated parts, when assembled correctly, the parts turn into something greater.

With power, the mechanical assembly line's purpose is possible - to create a whole, complete automobile (or whatever it may be).  The Henry Ford plants had generators that produced electricity that ran each unit, wherein power flowed from generators above to cables to the wires of each unit into the unit itself.  Electrical energy is a prerequisite for that systematic scheme to operate normally.  100% electrical energy must reach all parts equally and without disruption to ensure the normal, finished product.  As long as everything goes into its correct order and place at the correct time, then the finished product will be normal.

The human body is a factory with an assembly line for the purpose of creating an intelligent, thinking, sensing individual that possesses its own heating, cooling, maintenance and upkeep departments, locomotion (movement), reproduction, etc.  Once a mother's body is prepared and the seed planted, then she incubates it and 270-280 days later - a new human, organ by organ and piece by piece after month and month, is created.  The brainstem comes first, then the brain (the main components of the power plant) with nerves/wires that are systematically placed and divided throughout the developing body to supply power to parts below.  An organic line is laid next - the mouth, throat, stomach, intestines, bowels, bladder and rectum (entrance to exit) - it's a series of tubes from entrance to exit / from above to below.  Lateral feeders add to the structure - the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, etc.  A four way pump (heart and lungs) is added with circulating tubes that bring oxygen to and takes carbon dioxide away from all parts of the body.  Heating and cooling fluids flow through the tubes (arteries, veins) to every tissue cell in the body.  The arms and legs are added to allow for movement.

Once complete, the new and independent unit is ready for delivery from mom, at which point the switch is flipped and the independent energy begins flowing from above-down, inside-out sufficient to run its own power system.

If one unit in the assembly line receives less power, be it in the mechanical or the human, then it runs at reduced speed and efficiency, congesting the units behind it and paralyzing the units forward, thus affecting the entire plant ALL BECAUSE it lost power to keep it on par.  If one unit breaks down, the product (as a whole) is reduced to less than normal/adequate.

Instead of treating the slowed down machine, the logical approach is to find and correct the cause of the power shortage, adjust it, and get it back to normal.  This is what a mechanical engineer would do.  The spinal engineer does the same.  This is what Upper Cervical Care is all about.  The difference between the machine and the human assembly lines is that the human has repair cells and reserves that easily take place of the worn out, defective parts.  No matter the condition, tissue cells are ready and willing to make repairs at once in the proper place and the proper way.  As long as the internal assembly line is running on full, normal power/energy, then - from above-down, inside-out - the repair cells are directed where to go, how to be placed, the quantity needed, such as we find in healed scars, fused bone fractures, cuts, abrasions, etc.  It's no different internally than with these external, clearly visible examples.

The tissue centers are established in-utero and may lay dormant for years like, as Dr. Palmer described, a municipal fire department equipped with all needed to put out fires is built but not necessarily used until called upon months or even years later.

It's not cult thinking to understand the obvious - that the human body is an internal, self-sustaining, and self-healing assembly line.  If you get that, then you can change your health, your family's health, your friend's health, and you can be a part of changing the way that America looks at health.

Friday, March 2, 2012

What Palmer has in common with Edison, Franklin, and Newton

There was a time when we people did not understand such basic concepts as gravity.  What goes up, must come down.  It was not until Sir Isaac Newton was struck on the head with an apple and then studied why the apple came down instead of up that people under that simple and basic idea.  It was established as a law of nature. 

Then, the Wright Brothers saw a sheet hanging on a laundry line and decided that if a sheet could catch wind and drift upward into the air, then why couldn't a machine, under the right circumstances, do the same?  Scientists told them that they were crazy even after they accomplished the building of a machine that could fly a man into the air for over an hour.  Still, there were skeptics.  Yet, they prevailed because they adapted a machine to a natural law.

Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity by noticing sparks flying from a piece of metal in his hand while simultaneously flying a kite.  Thomas Edison turned around and harnessed the natural law of electrical current into various appliances that we still use today. 

These were brilliant men and they simply took natural laws and worked with them to turn new ideas into realities that bettered the lives of billions of people. 

BJ Palmer deserves to be on that list.  Decades ago, he began working with the law of life that describes the way that the human body regulates and heals itself.  He would say that medicine fails because it tries to adapt internal/natural laws to external concepts, which is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.  He said that, as healers, we should be seeking to adapt external theories to internal laws.  His application of upper cervical chiropractic principles works within the natural law of life and helps answer the all-important questions as to "Why/How the body develops sickness or dis-ease," in addition to solving the problem so that people can get well.  He was a brilliant human being ahead of his time.  

The important thing to remember about natural laws is that they help us gain an understanding of how the world works.  Everything seems so chaotic without an understanding; as if the universe had just come about through a series of random occurrences.  With knowledge comes a better understanding. 

The law of life teaches us that the body is not a chaotic, disorganized thing.  It's highly organized.  Where medicine fails by going against this law with its external theories, we do not.  They attempt to solve internal problems with external solutions and that's not a fundamentally sound approach in any way.  BJ Palmer said, "If he (physician) knew internal law more and external violations less, he could and would solve all phases of one only internal dis-ease.  How to permit internal law to restore itself inherently follow.  This field has been too long neglected (chiropractic)."