Friday, March 2, 2012

What Palmer has in common with Edison, Franklin, and Newton

There was a time when we people did not understand such basic concepts as gravity.  What goes up, must come down.  It was not until Sir Isaac Newton was struck on the head with an apple and then studied why the apple came down instead of up that people under that simple and basic idea.  It was established as a law of nature. 

Then, the Wright Brothers saw a sheet hanging on a laundry line and decided that if a sheet could catch wind and drift upward into the air, then why couldn't a machine, under the right circumstances, do the same?  Scientists told them that they were crazy even after they accomplished the building of a machine that could fly a man into the air for over an hour.  Still, there were skeptics.  Yet, they prevailed because they adapted a machine to a natural law.

Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity by noticing sparks flying from a piece of metal in his hand while simultaneously flying a kite.  Thomas Edison turned around and harnessed the natural law of electrical current into various appliances that we still use today. 

These were brilliant men and they simply took natural laws and worked with them to turn new ideas into realities that bettered the lives of billions of people. 

BJ Palmer deserves to be on that list.  Decades ago, he began working with the law of life that describes the way that the human body regulates and heals itself.  He would say that medicine fails because it tries to adapt internal/natural laws to external concepts, which is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.  He said that, as healers, we should be seeking to adapt external theories to internal laws.  His application of upper cervical chiropractic principles works within the natural law of life and helps answer the all-important questions as to "Why/How the body develops sickness or dis-ease," in addition to solving the problem so that people can get well.  He was a brilliant human being ahead of his time.  

The important thing to remember about natural laws is that they help us gain an understanding of how the world works.  Everything seems so chaotic without an understanding; as if the universe had just come about through a series of random occurrences.  With knowledge comes a better understanding. 

The law of life teaches us that the body is not a chaotic, disorganized thing.  It's highly organized.  Where medicine fails by going against this law with its external theories, we do not.  They attempt to solve internal problems with external solutions and that's not a fundamentally sound approach in any way.  BJ Palmer said, "If he (physician) knew internal law more and external violations less, he could and would solve all phases of one only internal dis-ease.  How to permit internal law to restore itself inherently follow.  This field has been too long neglected (chiropractic)."

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