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Info to Empower and Reduce Fear in 2021 (from Health Coach, Tricia Sheehan)

Dear Friends,
Last August I organized and hosted a free online event, Healthy and Ready For Anything with a passion to help people feel more prepared and empowered not fearful and angry during the Pandemic. With those fires of fear stoked by political unrest it seems we are in a more dire situation than ever before in our lifetimes. I remain as passionate in my endeavor to be HELPFUL during this difficult time and in that spirit, compiled the information below.

It is 100% okay if you do not agree with or like this information. Take what resonates with you and helps you and decline the rest. Perhaps tuck it away as a seed planted for another time. But so many people are asking me for this information that I wanted to get something out. This is not comprehensive of course but it has some additional perspective and resources beyond what was already shared in Healthy & Ready For Anything (
Here we go....
Conventional medicine is understandably struggling to understand Covid (the disease) or even to isolate the exosome SARS-COV-2 (which is not alive. It is a packet of genetic information.)

It's not acting exactly like other viruses although the medical and scientific communities do have much experience with corona viruses. It's been likened to saying.... here is a new human who I do not know but I know basic things about all humans. We won't know for several years exactly what is happening with Covid and why Post Covid Syndrome is so problematic in some people and nonexistent in others. We don't yet know exactly why some people are exposed to it and develop absolutely no symptoms (esp the under 30 crowd), the majority exhibit minor symptoms, and the few experience serious and even fatal problems but the good news is that we are starting to understand and there ARE things everyone can do to protect themselves.

A major theory coming out of the most brilliant and open minded minds in science and medicine are revisiting Germ Theory (Pasteur) vs Terrain Theory (Beauchamp). These men were contemporaries and engaged in great debate about these two competing theories. How amazing and how important that this debate and exchange occurred. Because science is a process not a philosophy or a religion. When you believe in something too much as a scientist you are biased. Can any human truly overcome bias and know Truth 100% ? Open debate is a REQUIREMENT of the scientific process and it is being completely shut down and censored. Let that sink in. Which path leads us to better health and getting past a pandemic?

Science is notoriously slow. Despite very smart and well meaning scientists, this is just how the process works right now. Shutting down debate and widely accepting dogma makes this process even slower. There has been no such thing as "open source" science. Why not? Food for thought.

The current notion in our communities today is that you are either For Science or Against Science. I ask us all to drop that false set of choices. "#BecauseScience" is simply a way to shut down productive important discussion and debate. Anyone who claims to know with perfect certainty something about science is wildly incorrect. There have always been and will always be new studies, new technologies, and new insights that advance human understanding. It is not static and can not be. I bet in the next 10 years our minds are going to be completely BLOWN by the science that is coming.

Also please keep in mind that the term "Antivaxer" was developed specifically to put a negative label on certain people and has its very own marketing campaign. The correct term is Vaccine Risk Aware. Isn't that something we should all be - aware of our risks for any medical intervention, synthetic or natural? We have to sign multi-page documents before surgeries informing us of our risks, why is it different when accepting a prescription or an injection? Why is being Risk Aware getting shut down and censored? Food for thought.

Moving on to the good news. 
Research has shown various things to have potential to reduce SARS CoV2 replication and/or onset and/or severity of COVID-19 symptoms. See below for natural and pharmaceutical options.
-Herbal Medicines
(double checking this just now it seems to have been taken down. Censorship is in full effect and no longer even trying to hide.
Hopefully this will come back up.)
-Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca biologic/vaccine trials are not complete. Actually they are therapeutics not vaccines - explained here: Take your own position on vaccines for yourself. Don't judge or decide for others. Each person has their own medical history and thoughts on this hot topic. Ask for an insert and read the whole thing especially ContraIndications. Some people should not receive vaccines, this is not pro vax or anti vax this is just facts on the insert. Consider rewards vs risks compared to the rewards and risks of experiencing the illness. Either way exposure to germs is 100% guaranteed, neither pharma interventions or natural interventions can remove the trillions of microbes in our air, water, seas, soil, food, etc. Putting effort into healthy living will put you in the best possible position to deal with any harmful or problematic germ that you encounter whether it's SARS-COV-2 or any of the other of billions of microbes we co-exist with.

- Not a definitive list.
-There is no known, FDA approved cure for Covid.
-Talk to your doctor before trying any of these treatments. (Doctor comes from the Latin word for "teacher"- just keep that in mind.)
- This is not medical advice. Only your personal healthcare provider who knows your individual health history can legitimately give that. But each and every one of us can learn and become the CEO of our health. It's time to engage, not blindly follow what anyone else is saying. Doctors are not the only ones with answers. No one doctor can know everything about everything. No human can be 100% right about 100% of the things. Learn and ask. Learn and ask. Reevaluate. Learn and ask. :-)

(Credit to Daniel Chong for compiling this list so concisely. I have many many more resources but didn't want to overwhelm.)
I hope this was helpful and was the info so many of you have been asking for. If you didn't ask for it and are receiving this email, I thought you might be interested or find value in this information.

Blessings and good health to everyone!

Much love,

Get Your Head On Straight and Get Your Life Back

(This article was originally published in the August 2020 edition of Kernersville Magazine and is reprinted here with permission)

Dr. Chad McIntyre has had a long history of serious bumps and bruises.  In fact, his unrelenting pain caused by sports injuries and car accidents forced him to take matters into his own hands.  What he discovered was that despite years of traditional medical and chiropractic care, it was specific, gentle correction to his upper cervical spine that gave him his health back.  Amazingly, a small tweak to his foundation led to whole-body recovery.  Three weeks after his first correction, he felt the best he had felt in over ten years.  His shoulder, neck, and upper back pain subsided, his digestive system returned to normal, and he regained his focus.

“You can simplify health into a basic formula,” Dr. Chad explained.  “Is your body’s ability to adapt to physical, chemical, and emotional stressors greater than or equal to the various stressors working against it?  Do you know if your body is structurally balanced?  Most do not, but structural imbalance makes you less healthy.  What are you eating?  What are you thinking about?  Is it constructive or destructive?  Are you aware of whether your body is functioning normally or abnormally?  The brainstem controls function; it can be compromised and you be relatively unaware of it, quietly weakening your body’s ability to adapt.”

This formula has worked at Dr. Chad’s office, Triad Upper Cervical Clinic (TUCC), for over a decade now. Celebrating its 11th anniversary earlier this year, TUCC is unique in its approach to wellness.  The science to the success of Dr. Chad’s practice is rooted in the brainstem.  This is incredibly important because the brainstem controls and regulates the functions of the various systems of the body (heart, lungs, digestion, immune, etc.).  It acts like a tower does in a cell phone network by routing the communication between the brain and the rest of the body in both directions.  However, the brainstem rests in a delicate area.  It exits at the base of the skull and sits in the ring of the top vertebra of the spine.  When the delicate balance between the skull and top vertebra is lost - even by a millimeter or two - the brainstem can become compromised.  Normal internal function is disrupted and a chain reaction begins which may cause a variety of health problems.  On top of this, the head and neck relationship form the body’s structural foundation, so when it shifts, the rest of the body is forced to compensate, which causes muscles from head-to-toe to be pulled out of balance and leads to a variety of aches and pains, and symptoms throughout the body.  It is no different than the way a home or a building’s foundation not being level causes the windows, roof, and walls to shift.

It has always been important to Dr. Chad and his wife Sarah that they remain active in the Kernersville community so they can set a good example for their son and daughter.  But as shown with past health ailments, staying involved would not be possible for Dr. Chad without the proper healthcare in place.  That is the beauty of being a testament of your own craft.  TUCC removes irritation to the brainstem in order to restore both optimal internal function and structural balance.  The correction is very gentle and safe for people of all ages and can help anyone regain mobility and activity.  Although it is a specialization within chiropractic, it requires no twisting, turning, cracking, popping, or uncomfortable jerking of the head or neck.  Triad Upper Cervical Clinic is the only one of its kind in the Triad.  TUCC corrects only the top two bones in the neck with the understanding that their proper alignment ensures your body’s structural balance from top to bottom.

Dr. Chad practices a ‘less is more’ approach, advocating for the  elimination of destructive functional and structural habits and a shift into prevention and maintenance mode once better habits are formed.  It makes all the difference when it comes to health and wellbeing.  Dr. Chad explained, “The last several decades have removed personal responsibility from the equation, making people depend on interventions.  Health, though, is about choices and habits.  People have to be re-empowered to make their own choices -to make better choices that form better habits.  We teach that health is shaped by proper function, nutrition, structural balance, exercise, and attitude.”

TUCC enables the brainstem to operate at its best, and any additional healing modalities and lifestyle changes are improved in their effectiveness because of it.  Many TUCC patients report immediate and long-term improvements with conditions such as migraines, chronic pain, vertigo, autoimmune conditions, digestive disorders, and various neurological problems.  However, the procedure itself is not a cure.  Rather, it is what allows you to fully exhibit the ability to heal yourself.

Since TUCC opened in January 2010, patients have traveled from all over North Carolina and Virginia to experience Upper Cervical Care and take back control of their lives.  Triad resident Michelle H. shared, “Since being under Dr. Chad’s care, I have been free of Trigeminal Neuralgia pain, migraines, anxiety and have had many other benefits including improvement with GI function, deeper and more restful sleep, increased focus and decreased back pain.  I now have my daughter under Dr. Chad’s care… she is nearly migraine free and has shown improvement with focus, mood, and GI function.”

If you are ready to change your life, give TUCC a call.  Hope, healing, and health are just around the corner.  Triad Upper Cervical Clinic is located at 432B W. Mountain Street, Kernersville, NC 27284.  Visit for more information or call 336-992-2536 for a consultation to see how Upper Cervical Care can directly help you.

“My personal experiences with my health led me down the holistic path; Upper Cervical Chiropractic changed my life.  The change we need in healthcare is a shift in focus on the patient’s end toward taking personal responsibility and on the industry’s end toward being proactive instead of reactive.  A lot of people suffer unnecessarily such as I did.  It doesn’t have to be that way,” Dr. Chad added.

What is “The Doctor Inside” Each of Us? (Conclusion)



For three months late last year, an exploration took place here with the purpose of fundamentally broadening the concept of health, what actually takes place inside of the human body to achieve health, and each individual person’s role in becoming healthy.  The core position taken in the trio of columns leading to this finale was that “the doctor inside” each of us does the healing and our job is to compliment it.  This conclusion will emphasize that the better “the doctor inside” of us is understood, the better defined the road to health will be, and thus the healthier our society will become. 

It is important to have a basic understanding of how various things work.  That is how value is established.  Parents and teachers help kids connect good grades to short-term and long-term rewards.  Industry innovators sell the public on new ideas, often at the natural expense of classic ideas, the value in the former increasing as the value in the latter decreases.  The church instills the importance of acknowledgement in something greater than ourselves.  Both in these big picture concepts and in smaller things such as a pencil for writing or a pillow for a good night’s sleep, grasping their benefit comes from a baseline knowledge of what they bring to our lives. 

Health, increasingly so over the past half century, became too abstract; healthcare, consequently, lost its way.  “The doctor inside” has been rendered largely inconsequential by the conventionalists that serve as the primary educators of health in our society.  Since it has been given little to no value by those trusted to make health-related decisions, it has little to no value to the consumers within the healthcare industry.  Yet, “the doctor inside” has infinite value.  It is the innate intelligence which governs all activity within the body, keeping us alive and functioning; without it, we are reduced to a corpse or any other form of non-living matter.  The average adult is made up of 75 trillion cells, each of which performs 200,000 chemical reactions every split second.  Convert that math into a dollar amount and it equates to wealth beyond imagination.  That is the value of “the doctor inside.”  Human health potential will not be realized broadly across the population until that value is acknowledged.    

A more faith-based interpretation is that God supplies each human-being with the innate intelligence necessary for life, and so “the doctor inside” is an expression of God within each of us.  As referenced in a previous part of this series, label it something else if so desired, but the reality is that this great organizer of all human functions is present from cradle to grave.  It is divine, no matter if you define that adjective as God-like or as just plain awesome.  American healthcare exemplifies the idiom, “throwing the baby out with the bath water,” or the fallacy in eliminating something good when attempting to rid ourselves of something perceived to be bad.  In concerning itself almost exclusively with ever-changing theories and symptom management by chemical bombardment, it has largely ignored the very nature of the human body and the role of “the doctor inside” in facilitating health.  

Adaptability is the key that unlocks health potential, and it is not coincidentally the primary role of “the doctor inside” us.  A broken bone that heals in two months, the presence of all new blood cells in the body every sixteen weeks; these are amazing things that deserve a lot of credit.  Be sure to give the credit where it is due.  If a friend loses their job and their spouse, and then a year later is thriving in a new job and has found love again, we comment on their resiliency and their ability to bounce back.  In healthcare, credit is routinely given to all parties except the one that deserves the lion’s share of it: “the doctor inside.”  The inborn intelligence of the human body is the most underappreciated thing in human history.  We repeatedly look outside of the body for answers on how to heal – usually just when sick – and the answers are there already, innately gifted to us. 

That is not at all to say that letting the body simply do its job will lead to perfect health.  Humans are imperfect, made up of organic matter.  There will always be forces in life that work against health.  2020 offered a plethora of examples.  Nevertheless, it is important to recognize that, when optimized, we have the health potential to prevent the vast majority of our most common ailments, and also the potential to overcome them; “the doctor inside” just needs us to remove the variables standing in its way.  Health, then, is a math problem: is the body’s ability to adapt to physical, chemical, emotional, and environmental stressors greater than or equal to the various stressors working against it?  If not, ill health in several among its thousands of manifestations will ensue.  Optimization is made possible by knowing how the aforementioned equation flips to the sum total of stressors overcoming the body’s ability to adapt to them and how then to flip it around again.   

The final piece to fully understanding “the doctor inside” is how it adapts, which is a function of the nervous system.  The term “nerve” can be confusing.  Unlike a blood vessel, its purpose is not self-explanatory.  Nerves are basically electrical wires across which information-carrying electrical impulses travel.  They are the conduits for the brain and all parts of the body to communicate with one another, the roads that “the doctor inside” travels to stimulate healing.  The nervous system is comparable to the electrical system in a home. 

Transmitting an electrical impulse from one location to another, which in the body is a constant exercise in communication between the brain/stem and the various organs, muscles, and tissues, is a matter of timing.  The basketball held a split second longer and Michael Jordan’s famous “Shot” rims out; a moment too late tuning to the right radio station and a life changing song has come and gone without ever being heard.  Timing is everything, within electrical networks as well.  Everyone has experienced this with their cell phone; the signal strength decreases when it takes longer for the phone to communicate with the cell tower. 

The body’s cell tower is the brainstem, which as the hub of and the origination point for all the nerves is also akin to the main fuse in a home electrical circuit breaker.  The brainstem is the most likely point of disruption within the human body network due its delicate surrounding anatomy.  It can be destructively influenced by routine head trauma, especially before structural development is complete during youth, disrupting the timing of electrical impulses in both directions, down from the brain and back up to the brain; fortunately, it can then be constructively influenced by Upper Cervical Care, which non-invasively removes physical obstruction to restore proper communication, clearing the path for “the doctor inside” to travel to the proper place and at the proper time.  

Mostly unbeknownst to us consciously, there is a constant tug of war going on inside our bodies between destructive forces and the resistance to them (“the doctor inside”-controlled ability to adapt).  The dynamic that we must be responsible for is understanding that our input, also part of the equation, can be constructive or destructive.  Fast food consistently versus home-cooked meals with fresh, organic ingredients, for instance, is a decision that swings health for better or worse, especially over long periods.  Another example, so very apt right now, is to or not to pay close attention to things like sugar consumption or a fear-based mindset, which can both drastically alter immune system integrity during a time when it needs all hands on deck.  

Pharmaceuticals are an interesting part of this constructive or destructive conversation.  The reality is that all of them are designed to have an impact on “the doctor inside.”  That bears reiteration: every medication’s purpose is to influence “the doctor inside” us.  Like a tutor in school, a drug is introduced to facilitate the guidance necessary for success.  It is often misunderstood as the source of success, when truthfully its job is to help the body be successful.  The problem, of course, is that this kind of chemical tutelage is unpredictable and often demonstrates the human tendency for miscalculation based on always-changing theories.  We cannot break the laws of life with our theories, and when we try, we ourselves get broken.  Such is why adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals, of which we consume 80% of the world’s supply in America, is the third to first leading cause of death and injury in the United States; and such is why pharmaceuticals, in a revamped healthcare system, would assume their proper position as the last resort instead of representing 95% of recommended options.    

A healthy lifestyle is about eliminating the nutritional, structural, chemical, psychological, and neurological variables that disrupt the ability of “the doctor inside” to reorganize and overcome (when necessary).  Ill health in all its various forms and diagnoses comes from a decrease in the ability of “the doctor inside” to adapt.  Health cannot be achieved by treating the symptoms of being unhealthy.  Harmony, synergy, the optimal expression of innate intelligence – call it what you will – we are our best when we give “the doctor inside” its best chance to work.