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Info to Empower and Reduce Fear in 2021 (from Health Coach, Tricia Sheehan)

Dear Friends,
Last August I organized and hosted a free online event, Healthy and Ready For Anything with a passion to help people feel more prepared and empowered not fearful and angry during the Pandemic. With those fires of fear stoked by political unrest it seems we are in a more dire situation than ever before in our lifetimes. I remain as passionate in my endeavor to be HELPFUL during this difficult time and in that spirit, compiled the information below.

It is 100% okay if you do not agree with or like this information. Take what resonates with you and helps you and decline the rest. Perhaps tuck it away as a seed planted for another time. But so many people are asking me for this information that I wanted to get something out. This is not comprehensive of course but it has some additional perspective and resources beyond what was already shared in Healthy & Ready For Anything (
Here we go....
Conventional medicine is understandably struggling to understand Covid (the disease) or even to isolate the exosome SARS-COV-2 (which is not alive. It is a packet of genetic information.)

It's not acting exactly like other viruses although the medical and scientific communities do have much experience with corona viruses. It's been likened to saying.... here is a new human who I do not know but I know basic things about all humans. We won't know for several years exactly what is happening with Covid and why Post Covid Syndrome is so problematic in some people and nonexistent in others. We don't yet know exactly why some people are exposed to it and develop absolutely no symptoms (esp the under 30 crowd), the majority exhibit minor symptoms, and the few experience serious and even fatal problems but the good news is that we are starting to understand and there ARE things everyone can do to protect themselves.

A major theory coming out of the most brilliant and open minded minds in science and medicine are revisiting Germ Theory (Pasteur) vs Terrain Theory (Beauchamp). These men were contemporaries and engaged in great debate about these two competing theories. How amazing and how important that this debate and exchange occurred. Because science is a process not a philosophy or a religion. When you believe in something too much as a scientist you are biased. Can any human truly overcome bias and know Truth 100% ? Open debate is a REQUIREMENT of the scientific process and it is being completely shut down and censored. Let that sink in. Which path leads us to better health and getting past a pandemic?

Science is notoriously slow. Despite very smart and well meaning scientists, this is just how the process works right now. Shutting down debate and widely accepting dogma makes this process even slower. There has been no such thing as "open source" science. Why not? Food for thought.

The current notion in our communities today is that you are either For Science or Against Science. I ask us all to drop that false set of choices. "#BecauseScience" is simply a way to shut down productive important discussion and debate. Anyone who claims to know with perfect certainty something about science is wildly incorrect. There have always been and will always be new studies, new technologies, and new insights that advance human understanding. It is not static and can not be. I bet in the next 10 years our minds are going to be completely BLOWN by the science that is coming.

Also please keep in mind that the term "Antivaxer" was developed specifically to put a negative label on certain people and has its very own marketing campaign. The correct term is Vaccine Risk Aware. Isn't that something we should all be - aware of our risks for any medical intervention, synthetic or natural? We have to sign multi-page documents before surgeries informing us of our risks, why is it different when accepting a prescription or an injection? Why is being Risk Aware getting shut down and censored? Food for thought.

Moving on to the good news. 
Research has shown various things to have potential to reduce SARS CoV2 replication and/or onset and/or severity of COVID-19 symptoms. See below for natural and pharmaceutical options.
-Herbal Medicines
(double checking this just now it seems to have been taken down. Censorship is in full effect and no longer even trying to hide.
Hopefully this will come back up.)
-Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca biologic/vaccine trials are not complete. Actually they are therapeutics not vaccines - explained here: Take your own position on vaccines for yourself. Don't judge or decide for others. Each person has their own medical history and thoughts on this hot topic. Ask for an insert and read the whole thing especially ContraIndications. Some people should not receive vaccines, this is not pro vax or anti vax this is just facts on the insert. Consider rewards vs risks compared to the rewards and risks of experiencing the illness. Either way exposure to germs is 100% guaranteed, neither pharma interventions or natural interventions can remove the trillions of microbes in our air, water, seas, soil, food, etc. Putting effort into healthy living will put you in the best possible position to deal with any harmful or problematic germ that you encounter whether it's SARS-COV-2 or any of the other of billions of microbes we co-exist with.

- Not a definitive list.
-There is no known, FDA approved cure for Covid.
-Talk to your doctor before trying any of these treatments. (Doctor comes from the Latin word for "teacher"- just keep that in mind.)
- This is not medical advice. Only your personal healthcare provider who knows your individual health history can legitimately give that. But each and every one of us can learn and become the CEO of our health. It's time to engage, not blindly follow what anyone else is saying. Doctors are not the only ones with answers. No one doctor can know everything about everything. No human can be 100% right about 100% of the things. Learn and ask. Learn and ask. Reevaluate. Learn and ask. :-)

(Credit to Daniel Chong for compiling this list so concisely. I have many many more resources but didn't want to overwhelm.)
I hope this was helpful and was the info so many of you have been asking for. If you didn't ask for it and are receiving this email, I thought you might be interested or find value in this information.

Blessings and good health to everyone!

Much love,

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