Friday, March 23, 2012

A Logical and Reasonable Fact...

 "The obvious is the last thing we think, see, or do" - Elbert Hubbard

Look down at your arm for a moment, please.  Make a fist.  Now, pump that fist.

A lot of things just happened in your body...and they were all muscular.  That puzzled look on your face when you read those instructions - that was muscles in motion.  When your eyes moved down to look at your arm - muscles at work.  The breaths that you took while you decided to follow those instructions - muscles contracting and relaxing.

Muscles make things in the body move.  The digestive system is lined with muscle to push through food and fluid.  The diaphragm is a muscle that helps you talk or cough or sing or laugh.  The kidneys are powered by muscle to filter and process, the heart IS A muscle, the liver uses muscles for all its various functions, etc.  The skeletal muscles, of course, give your body motion and keep you balanced.  There are muscles everywhere in every part of your body.  These muscles are powered by electrical impulses from the brain sent along the nerves, the quantity of which is regulated by the brainstem.

This is another one of those obvious things that we ignore when we think of our health.

Your muscles, internally and externally, have a vitally important job to do and they need to be able to do that job not just adequately, but optimally.  Muscles need a normal power flow.  I was at the store the other day and I wandered into the toy section.  I was once an avid fan of the Transformers and there was this (very cool) action figure that moved by pressing a button.  I decided to give it a try.  I pressed the button and the figure began moving and talking....but then it slowed its movement and its words.  Apparently, the button had been pressed so many times that the power was running low.

Well, your muscles cannot afford that to happen.  Reduced power flow means reduced muscular motion and reduced muscular activity.  Reduced motion and activity means reduced organ function.  Reduced organ function means SICKNESS and DIS-EASE.  Interfere with the power supply to the kidney muscles and urine gets backed up, meaning that toxic waste builds up in your body that subsequently causes fluid retention, swelling, and a contaminated system since what needed to be filtered out didn't get out.  Interfere with the power supply to the heart (that's bad) - muscles paralyzed, meaning heart failure, aka the heart fails to pump...that means death.  Interfere with the power supply to the liver and you get a back of bile, meaning jaundice and eventual gallbladder (which processes bile) problems.  Interfere with power supply to skeletal muscles (of arms, legs, back, shoulders, neck, hips, etc.) and muscles can no longer contract and relax in normal rhythm and frequency, meaning spasms, pulls, and tears.  Examples are endless...this analysis is applicable to all dis-eases and conditions in the body, no matter the severity.

It would be wise to identify if that power supply is being disrupted and correct the cause of that disruption, would it not?  Would it not be wiser to I.D./remove the fundamental obstruction to the power supply rather than treat the effects of reducing the power supply?  Does not the former take precedent over the latter?  Of course it does...

No microscope or test tube is needed to verify this fact; it's a fact; it's a Law of Life. 

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