Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It Just Makes Sense...

Every electronic gadget out there was invented based on principles found right within your own body.  Dr. BJ Palmer liked to use the assembly line example, but there are so many modern devices that you can see lying around the space that you're reading this.  The computer you're using...your cell phone...your television...all of it.  It's all based on electrical energy, just as your body.  The brainstem generates power, the brain is in and of itself a super computer, the spinal cord is a passage through which to transmit the power to all of the organs, muscles, and tissues in the body by way of the nerves that branch off the spinal cord.  It's all quite amazing.

The body was (extremely) intelligently designed in a repeatable pattern - heart, lungs, liver, digestive system, immune system, the muscles of the arms, legs, torso, head, face, and neck, etc.  Every Ford F150 is built in the same way.  Over and over; repeated.  Each unit is needed to create the completed, perfect truck.  The same is true for the body - each organ, muscle, tissue, and cell needs to be assembled and place the right time and place in the right quantity.  This is irrefutable and cannot be reproduced by scientists.  It's above education.  It just is what it is. 

The entire repeatable human system is run by electrical power through muscles.  Muscles need that electrical power in proper quantity to ensure the desired result, i.e. pancreas creates enough insulin, heart pumps enough blood, liver produces enough cholesterol, thyroid the right balance of hormones, the immune system enough healing cells, etc.  Yet, by reducing the electrical power to those muscles, the desired result cannot be achieved.  Something less will be achieved and the consequences will follow.  A chain is no stronger than its weakest link, so if one muscular power unit is disrupted, then everything else is (quietly at first, but then louder as time goes on) thrown into disarray. 

Death occurs when the power supply is cut off.  Dis-ease occurs when the power is reduced.

The electrical power runs through your body's version of electrical wires - the nerves that extend off the spinal cord.  The cord transmits the electrical power from the brainstem/brain.  Many examples have been used throughout history to describe this physiologic imbalance.  An electrical short as a result of a pinched cable; a kink in the garden hose resulting in reduction of water supply to the plants.  These are simple, easy to understand metaphors, but they don't quite stress the importance of what we're talking about to the degree that it needs to be stressed.  THIS IS LIFE!  THIS IS HEALTH!  THIS IS YOUR ONE AND ONLY BODY WE'RE TALKING ABOUT!

100% power supply is needed for health.  All organs, muscles, and tissues must work NORMALLY to achieve that so-called elusive thing known as HEALTH. 

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