Monday, October 19, 2020

Guest Blog: Carri Davis and the Kambo Detox Method


(Dr. Chad Note - Some of you may know Carri from her time running my front office years ago or as one of the best massage therapists around, but she is the type who constantly seeks innovative ways to help people and today she is sharing with us a most unique method to facilitate healing.  I know several people who have experienced it and raved about it.  Check it out!)


Discoveries in Amazonian plant medicine have been making big headlines in alternative medicine lately.  There are many master plants which have healing benefits for the westerner who has reached an impasse with traditional allopathic medicine.  Quite a lot of attention has been paid to the plants which offer psychedelic experiences - but lesser known, and perhaps more effective for chronic disease, is a powerful treatment that comes from the Amazonian Monkey Tree Frog, or Phyllomedusa Bicolor.  Named for the shaman who discovered the medicine, Kambo is not hallucinogenic - though its healing peptides can have benefits for both mind and body.  This medicine has been used by tribes in Peru, Costa Rica and other Amzonian communities for around 2000 years to eliminate various pathogens, like poisons from deadly bites and stings, and parasites from polluted water.  It’s most important to note during this time of Covid 19 hysteria, Kambo’s history stems from the search of one medicine man to find a cure for an unknown plague which was sweeping through the Amazon, decemating village after village.  His medicine journey with “Grandmother” revealed to him the means and methods to apply the secretion of the frog, thereby saving his village from the plague and restoring the healthy biome of his village.


Kambo is a powerful lymphatic and blood cleanser.  Shown to increase white cell activity, decrease blood toxicity, and clear the plasma of pathogens like bacteria, parasites, and fungus, it’s unparalleled as a full body detoxifier.  Kambo is currently being studied in western labs to understand its vast profile of chemical compounds, which include over 100 different peptides known to have numerous healing effects on the human body.  The process of Kambo is short but intense, lasting a little under an hour, with about 20-30 minutes of strong physical symptoms as the body purges toxins from the entire organ system.  Many people report feeling “empty” or “spacious” after a session, experiencing a physical and mental peace. Kambo is not known to have any psychedelic qualities, but can have profound effects on behavioral habits (addictions) as well as helping to release negative thought patterns. Indigenous tribes believed that Kambo clears the body of “panema” or bad luck.

While the secretion of Kambo is incredibly delicate and difficult to obtain, once harvested onto a wooden palate it becomes inert and stable, able to be reactivated and applied far away from the natural habitat of the frog.  Practitioners of Kambo medicine are able to share this medicine legally in the US because it is not classified or regulated by the FDA or legal system. We hope this valuable means of treatment for persistent disease can continue to be safely and sustainably shared with non-indigenous people, through platforms like Kambo Frog Detox Foundation, where our local Carri “Bindi” Davis received her training in 2019.  Immersion training with Kambo prepares the practitioner for safe and effective application with a firm medical understanding of how the compounds work in the human body, and awareness of potential contraindications.

Carri offers a unique approach to Kambo with the addition of microscopic blood analysis, having received her certification earlier in 2020. Through an educational insight into your living blood in real time, she helps you understand your own internal biome.  Nutritional Blood Analysis is another “gray area” in the field of medicine, largely because of its subjective observational method.  We can identify bacterial overgrowth, fungus like candida, parasite activity, toxicity from leaky gut, and free radical damage to red blood cells, among other factors which lead to disease.  Looking at the blood cells and plasma before and after your Kambo series, you can see a notable decrease in pathogens and an increase in circulation and immune activity.   Each individual has a unique personal chemistry and experience with Kambo.  Multiple sessions with the same person can reveal varying degrees of detoxification experiences and results. 

Kambo is traditionally offered in an “inoculation” series of 3 sessions - however, powerful healing can come from just one session. Some conditions (ie, autoimmune conditions, viral/bacterial infections, and certain kinds of cancer) may require a more in depth protocol over time.  While Kambo has many seemingly miraculous benefits, it is considered an “ordeal medicine”.  Many people do not want to undertake the difficulty of a physical purge.  However, small doses of Kambo can be applied to receive the benefit of the healing peptides.  Carri is knowledgeable with doses that are appropriate for elderly, infirmed, or children, or those who may have concerns about an intense experience.  Regardless of a person’s health and disease concerns, Kambo is often able to provide a step in the right direction.  Carri is able to help create a protocol with you that is unique to your intention for healing, integrating her knowledge of the TCM Meridian system for organ detoxification. She also offers nutritional coaching and hands-on healing as further detoxification support on your healing journey. 

If you are interested in learning more about Kambo, please text Carri at 336-965-6592, or email her at  An information packet will be delivered to your email address, including the science and source of Kambo, medical intake, and rates of service. You can schedule a phone consultation to discuss your treatment plan.


“It is my sincerest hope and pleasure to serve you with all of my heart.”

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