Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Holding = Healing

The medical model of healthcare has taught patients to expect treatment even if it may not be necessary. With Upper Cervical Care, you should NOT expect a correction just for the sake of doing something. We advise you look at it similarly to how you would a dental appointment. If you go to the dentist, you only receive a treatment if the check-up reveals a problem...and we do not visit dentists to address problems, but rather to prevent them. We brush our teeth to ensure that we get a good report from our dentist. It is that same mindset that we use when caring for our cars or our homes - preventative / maintenance. If you want a good report from your Upper Cervical Practitioner, it is in your best interest to concentrate on holding your correction and following your list of "Do's and Don'ts." You should not desire to receive an upper cervical correction anymore than you should want to get a cavity filled every time you go to the dentist. It means something is wrong! It means that your brainstem has been re-compromised and that your body has shifted back out of balance. 
Regaining your health does not come from getting your head on straight, so to speak, it comes from keeping your head on straight.

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