Friday, February 10, 2017

An Example of Long-Term Healing Under Upper Cervical Care

An Example Of Long-Term Healing 

(Dr. Chad Note – One of the most common questions we get is “how long will it take me to feel better and/or heal?”  Everyone is different, so it is not an easy question to answer.  For some, the feeling better part happens faster than the actual healing does; for others it can be the opposite.  Time is an important factor to account for in your healthy endeavors and the following is a fantastic example of that.  Had this particular patient ceased care in the stabilization phase or before returning to an optimal state, she would never have seen the benefit)

“In 2006 I injured my left arm carrying my work laptop into the office.  I grabbed it to put it on my shoulder and I heard a loud pop in my upper left shoulder.  It stung for a while and I just dismissed it thinking it was like a popping ankle or knuckle, the pain would go away and I would be fine.  The pain didn't go away, it was a constant ache and I again dismissed as me getting older and the body taking longer to heal.  Then in 2008 I re-injured the same left shoulder trying to beat my husband in a game of Wii Tennis.  This pop brought me to my knees and tears in my eyes.  I dismissed it again thinking the body will heal itself, I'll just give it time. 

Next thing I noticed that in June of 2011 I couldn't lift my arm over my head or lift it to check the time on my watch.  So I had a physical in September 2011 and I was referred to a Physical Therapist.  She told me I had a Frozen Shoulder, never heard of that before and that same month I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Could the two be related?  I had no idea.  So I started the Physical Therapy, went for about 6 weeks, weekly.  I got my range of motion back, could look at my watch again but couldn't make certain moves and still had the pain in the top left shoulder, although not as bad.  I started my treatment for Breast Cancer and still had the nagging pain in my shoulder some nights it was unbearable and I would have tears in my eyes.  I finished my treatment for Breast Cancer in October 2012 but my left shoulder continued to hurt. 

So I was referred to Dr. Chad at Triad Upper Cervical Clinic.  I completed his new patient questionnaire and he asked me before I could mention if I had a Frozen Shoulder.  I told him I did, went to physical therapy but it still hurts.  Well I started the program with Dr. Chad in Jan/Feb 2013.  The pain got worse, unbearable and I just wanted to cut it off some days.  However, when I would mention it to Dr. Chad he would say, “give it time, how long ago did you injure it?, etc.” I knew what he was saying, it's not going to be poof and go away but he did say one day I will wake and the pain would be no more.  I was patient but didn't stop asking around for solutions.  I would always go back to Dr. Chad and say can I try this and that.  He would stay true to course (believing in his profession)  “it's going to work!”

I listened and when I began to hold a correction for over a month and then month and half and Dr. Chad was like “oh you don't have to come as often,” I'm thinking in the back of my head…but my shoulder it still hurts).  It didn't hurt everyday only at times and I began to associate that with healing. 
Well on June 21, 2013, my left shoulder hurt terribly bad, I was about to just lose my mind but when I looked under my arm I saw dark black - just deathly looking - under my arm.  I got scared but went “something is coming out.”  So then I started to itch under my arm, I scratched and black, flaky matter was under my finger nails.  I kept telling myself this was a good thing.  Then white bumps appeared and my skin was very dry and chaffed under there.  I was getting scared but decided to wait it out.  It was painful and one day around June 24, 2013, I woke up and started using my left arm like it never hurt.  I was combing my hair and my left arm was doing the work and I didn't feel ANY pain.  It was at that time I rejoiced and couldn't wait to share with Dr. Chad.  I've not been in pain since.  I never did shots, I took a pill once from the medical doctor (Mobic) but it was only temporary and I decided not to keep taking it.  I am glad I stopped and went this way.”

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