Thursday, July 13, 2017

Guest Blogger Series: The Energy of Healing

Everything is energy. Our physical bodies – that which we can see and touch – are comprised of atoms that are constantly in motion. The fact that they are more densely packed and are moving more slowly than, say, the atoms of water or air is what gives them their tangible physicality. Science now proves that our body actually extends beyond what we can see and touch.

This energy body, or biofield (called the ‘aura’ in more new age terms), is what we recognize when someone steps into our ‘personal space,’ when someone is too close for comfort, when we feel someone looking at us, when we step into a room where the tension can be ‘cut with a knife.’ This energy can be measured in hertz by scientists, and can be felt or seen by some people.

Because we are holistic beings – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic – healing in one aspect can heal the whole. I choose to work on the energetic level to affect change in all other levels. By working with the energy body and raising our vibration, we bring about an authentic balance that holds space for whatever healing or ‘wholing’ is needed for each individual.

My path to this work has been lifelong and meandering, but persistent and seemingly inevitable. As a child, I would give family and friends shoulder and foot rubs, and it was satisfying to see how good it made them feel. On some level, I determined then that I would be of healing service in the world.

In my 20s, I became a licensed massage therapist. From my perspective, the opportunity to professionally touch my clients was simply an excuse to let the ‘real’ healing happen, to be a vessel for healing energy. Since then, I have studied, practiced, and been certified in numerous techniques and modalities.

At the same time, I have been committed to my own healing and spiritual growth. Like everybody else, I’ve had my own physical issues and emotional wounds to deal with, and have explored myriad healing methods. So not only am I able to share my knowledge and training with my clients, they also receive the benefit of my personal healing experience.

In every aspect of my practice – Healing Touch energy therapy, Conscious Creation Coaching, and WeightLESS™ System Detox Program and Health Coaching – I focus on my client’s energetic and vibrational body. Everything we do together is to raise their vibration so as to make everything in life easier. The higher your vibration, the more able you are to release stress and fear and pain and resistance. The higher your vibration, the more able you are to attract ease and joy and comfort and abundance.

I am committed to sharing with my clients with the means to facilitate their own innate healing/wholing process. My long-term goal is to divest myself of all clients, to send them on their way with their own toolbox full of self-healing techniques and exercises so that they are empowered to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

I invite you to order my free e-book, “Conscious Life Creation: 10 Easy Steps to Raise Your Vibration and Begin Living the Life You Were Born to Live” ( and take the first steps towards your inherent wholeness. 

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