Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Simple Drawings of Dis-ease in Action

Dr. BJ Palmer is one of the most fascinating people of the 20th century.  Known as the “Developer of Chiropractic” to the profession that he cultivated following his father’s discovery of the philosophy, science, and art-based healing discipline, Palmer relentlessly pursued the truth about life, the spine, and how to get sick people well by ensuring that the power that made the body had an optimal chance to heal the body (the basic tenet of chiropractic).  The following drawings, which borrow from Palmer’s Law of Life, the 36th volume of his esteemed “green books,” offer timeless examples of the relative simplicity of health.

Schematic A

In the Schematic [A] above is a simple example of a clear streaming connection versus a slower internet connection.  With no interference to the connection, as shown on the left, the stream has zero issues from start to finish.  However, with the introduction of a diminished speed, the stream glitches and frustration sets in.  The question is whether we can afford for the same thing to happen between the brain and the body; and the answer is no. 

Schematic B

It is a simple matter of function.  At its most basic, the home heating unit, as shown in Schematic [B], works through an electrical system not unlike the one that runs the human body; if you interrupt the electrical connection powering your heat during the most frigid months of winter, in due course it will become quite cold in your home.

Schematic C

Schematic [C], borrowing directly from The Law of Life, depicts the neurological connection between the brain and the stomach, the former giving the latter functional instructions all day, every day for your entire life.  Both the left and right pictures show varying degrees of neurological compromise.  The brain is pre-programmed by our Creator with all the vital information that organs such as the stomach need, but if the brainstem subluxation exists, the ability to transmit that information is fundamentally altered.  On the left, the 33% distortion creates 67% functional instructions present (33% absent), 67% normal rate of digestion (33% slower), 67% quantity of action (33% absent); the stomach is working at 2/3 of normal capacity, so various forms digestive issues result.  On the right, the 60% compromise creates 40% normal speed of digestive motions, and 40% function performed.

Schematic D

In reference to schematic [D] above, the picture on the left describes a neurological system – the connection between the brain, brainstem, spinal cord, and in this case the nerve that links to the immune system’s hub, the thymus gland – functioning optimally, free of interference, meaning 100% reception of instruction from brain above – 100% power, 100% action, 100% normal rate of response to infection, 100% action, 100% product (infection-fighting cells), and 100% by-product (no signs of illness).  In the picture on the right, conversely, the brainstem subluxation has occurred, reducing the functional connection between the nerve and immune systems by 45%, meaning just 55% power, 55% action, 55% normal rate of response to infection, 55% action, 55% product (infection-fighting cells), and 55% by-product (pronounced signs of illness).

Schematic E

The final Schematic [E] demonstrates that the brainstem subluxation is little different than putting a dimmer on a light switch and turning it down so that electrical impulses through the wires are capped at a certain output.  The same type of problem occurs inside the body when, as fully shown in Schematic [D], the brainstem becomes compromised, as it reduces the electrical impulses through the nerves to various organ pathways. 

Dr. Palmer studied the upper cervical spine’s relationship to abnormal internal function and its myriad of associated health disorders for 16 years, discovering what today some call the best kept secret in healthcare – the correction of the upper cervical misalignment to restore function and balance to the body.

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