Monday, June 15, 2020

Guest Blog: TUCC's Emily Logsdon on Her Train of Thought Regarding the Coronavirus

January is always a time of reflection for me.  A time to remember the blessings of the previous year, and ponder the possibilities to come, to make goals and personal change.  My plans this year entailed further research of the many benefits of holistic methods - no resolutions but peddle at my own pace, making things a lifestyle rather than a box checked off. 

My personal experience with holistic practitioners has been very positive and beneficial, and back in February I was feeling confident in my choice to continue these methods.  By my late twenties and early thirties I had begun to feel less active, and the residual effects of multiple car accidents began to show up.  The effects ranged from sudden drops in blood sugar, light migraines progressing into debilitating bi-monthly episodes, and severe back issues preventing me from standing up straight.  My mother strongly urged me to come to an orientation class with Dr. McIntyre, which began my journey in holistic care.  Experiencing the benefits of being in alignment was amazing.  I had forgotten what it was like to function on such a normal level and it felt great! 

Through Dr. McIntyre, I was able to find other practitioners that have been equally instrumental in my holistic journey.  Being in proper upper cervical alignment, seeing a naturopathic practitioner, and the benefits of reflexology have been a gift.  Life couldn’t have been better.  I truly believed that the body could function as it should when in the proper alignment.  What could go wrong when you are structurally sound?  In the beginning structure was my main concern, but the more I worked with these practitioners I slowly found that structure and the immune system work together for benefit of the entire body.

Then COVID happened.

In late 2019, Wuhan, China debuted as the epicenter of a new super virus that was considered to be problematic for those in the East.  By mid-January, quarantine procedures were in place for China and other countries were slowly succumbing to this mysterious beast that was becoming less likely to be contained.  February produced more cases in Europe, raising questions and concerns in the United States of “what if?”  By mid-March the United States had set protocols in place to close foreign travel, and WHO officially stated that we had a pandemic named COVID-19.  A deluge of information began to flood media outlets.  With the death toll rising rapidly and information reporting to extremes of the pandemic of the previous century, COVID-19 had made an epic entrance.  Comparisons between Spanish Flu and COVID-19 were non-stop.  Reports began to circulate of Americans who were succumbing to COVID-19 ranging from health fanatics to the elderly.  Local panic erupted as grocery stores shelves were stripped of non-perishables.  State and local government officials were putting protocols in place. 

What is happening?  How severe is this virus?  What should be taken as facts? 

I began questioning the information that I had researched.  I understood the benefits of a good structural foundation through upper cervical treatments, but does that really mean my immune system works well under attack from a mystery illness?  I began to play Devil’s advocate.  The complete confidence displayed earlier was under attack.  Fear was paralyzing my beliefs in holistic methods.  For weeks I watched the news updates, and I began to reflect on own my journey and the progress made.  It was not a testimony of a stranger but my own.  It was the encouragement needed to back up my choices, allowing me to let go of the fear and look at the facts.  David wrote many Psalms that are encouraging, but Psalms 139 popped in my head during this time.  “I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works and that my soul knoweth right well.”  I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  This was an amazing boost! 

Through the ages, scientists have tirelessly studied human anatomy to conclude that the body works as a well-oiled machine, unlocking core secrets that have been instrumental in understanding not only structural health, but how it impacts our immune health.  Armed with renewed hope, I went back to square one.  I began looking at the C-1, C-2 and how the brainstem is the main information feed from the brain to the body.  The benefits of removing the “squeeze” of the brainstem are immeasurable. When a misalignment occurs, the brainstem cannot deliver the messages through the body with the clarity needed to perform the task.  When the misalignment is corrected, the messages are received loud and clear, allowing the body to proceed with the efficiency it was designed for: a well-oiled machine from the Divine Creator.  

The immune system is an amazing defense system made up of multiple tactical forces programmed to defend our bodies.  Working feverishly behind the scenes deflecting colds, flu, and other illnesses that we may have inadvertently come in contact with.  A system that provides such protection needs our support.  A key component in supporting the immune system is incorporating water in your daily routine.  Flushing the body helps remove unwanted germs and waste.  Set a timer through the day to remind yourself get your water.  Make sure that you are sleeping well, eating good foods, reducing stress, washing hands, and maintaining a positive approach to your day.  These are some excellent ways to support your immune system.  As a patient of Triad Upper Cervical Clinic, make and keep your appointments.  During peak times of illness, keeping the brainstem in check allows the body to have maximum support as it fights with the ferocity of a lion on your behalf.

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