Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Have Faith in Your Body

“Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation.” – D. Elton Trueblood

Recent events have made one thing above all else abundantly clear: even some of the smartest disease experts in the world significantly underestimate the human body[i].   A basic comprehension of biological science offers mountains of evidence to the human body’s dynamic capabilities in the face of myriad daunting circumstances and potential destructive agents, yet the ratio of credit given versus credit earned is skewed so far that most people assume their bodies cower to microscopic invaders like viruses.  In the interest of public health and healthcare in general, a reappraisal of that common myth is in order. 

Look up at the sun for a moment.  Fascinating, is it not, that Earth, at roughly 93 million miles away from it, is perfectly positioned so that the sun keeps most of our planet at livable temperatures?  The moon is only 250,000 miles from Earth by comparison, but it features no signs of life.  Collectively, it would be fair to state that we take for granted our place in the solar system, primarily because we cannot comprehend otherwise.  Our minds are finite, but venturing outside Earth’s atmosphere takes us into the realm of the infinite; and it is in such situations our minds must accept that there are some things we cannot control.  Humans have been around a long time, so trust in our planet maintaining an ideal distance from the sun has been well earned. 

Equally as fascinating is what takes place inside the human body every day.  In reading the previous sentence, an infinite number of routine tasks just took place inside our bodies.  A common phrase uttered after a child’s birth is, “It’s a miracle.”  Indeed it is.  Sperm and egg combining and multiplying enough to produce in nine months an infant consisting of about two trillion cells, ready made to perform all of the infinite functions of life on its own beyond the need for a mere three contributions (food, water, and oxygen)?  No combination of adjectives does that justice, truly, but it never stops being miraculous when two trillion cells keep multiplying, gradually totaling and eventually maintaining an adult average of seventy-five trillion.  We take that for granted, as well, for the same reason that we do Earth’s distance from the sun: the body’s innate and infinite tasks are too much for us to comprehend, so we must trust. 

What fascinates does not always translate to trust, however.  When our bodies are exhibiting their inborn wisdom under circumstances that we consciously deem “normal,” then we take it for granted.  However, when an abnormal state sets in, trust in the infinite often takes a hiatus.  Humans like to meddle, which is a long-term risk vs. short-term reward proposition.  We exist in a delicate balance, both on our planet and inside our bodies.  Topics like climate change and the consequences of consistent exposure to low level radiation are the inevitable result of industrial and technological advancement and eventually we will have to reconcile nature’s corrections to the balance we have disturbed.  Certainly, healthcare as we know it has become a constant exercise of interference, surgically of course and mostly chemically through medication, one after another in a vicious cycle, each further disrupting internal balance and creating the need for an innate adaptation, which is – like nature’s inevitable corrections – merely the law of cause and effect in action.    

We were highly intelligently created, but it behooves us to remember that our creation was (and maintenance is) the product of an infinite brand of intelligence.  Ever stopped to think about the process of digestion and subsequent new cell production that takes place after each meal?  The human body takes largely non-living matter consumed as food and turns it into living cells.  Perhaps a statement of the obvious is in order: the infinite > the finite.  We are capable of brilliance, but the highest IQs in the world are not even close to that level of intelligence.  No scientist on earth can replicate the intricacies of human functions.  Quickly observe the room; the tiny hole in the electrical outlet represents what we know through education, whereas the rest of the room represents just a fraction of the infinite found in nature and the human body, which performed more chemical reactions just now than every experiment conducted by every scientist who has ever lived combined throughout history. 

Health is an optimized state in which the numerous organ systems in the body work harmoniously together at a level conducive to sustaining an innate adaptability capable of preventing sickness and overcoming the causes of various symptoms.  The importance of this revised definition cannot be understated, for it acknowledges what we have learned through the observations of biological science and deemphasizes the complicating factors introduced by laboratory science.  Individually, we were assigned at creation only two conscious tasks for survival, those being to drink water and eat food, so it is in our best interest to ensure the best possible quality of both; Upper Cervical Chiropractic and the various other holistic healing arts, sciences, and philosophies exist to eliminate variables to the full expression of the body’s infinite wisdom.  

To paraphrase a famous health quote, each of us carries our own doctor inside and we are our best when we give the doctor inside a chance to work.  In other words, we should have faith in the body and seek to support it rather than interfere with it.     

[i] Statistics from Johns Hopkins, the CDC, and the National Institute of Health

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