Friday, February 10, 2012

95% of us are Zombies

What's the definition of insanity?  "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" - Albert Einstein

How does that saying go?  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me. 

So, just how foolish and insane are we?  

95% of Americans subscribe to the same, tried and UNtrue method of healthcare.  This method ignores basic principles of life, ignores causes of health conditions, and questions logical approaches.  Anyone that thinks differently from those that prescribe and subscribe to this method are condemned almost immediately without researching or understanding the methodology behind the non-confirmist thinker's philosophy, science, and art.  We're a bunch of robots.  We've been programmed to accept something that is completely insane as a sane approach to getting and staying well. 

If a patient under Upper Cervical Care has five cysts that no medical treatment could touch in thirty years clear up and vanish after being under care for six months, it would be insane for the medical doctor that prescribed the unsuccessful treatments to tell the patient that it's "not possible" for Upper Cervical Care to have helped achieve that result; that it's "not possible" for that person's body to overcome that condition on its own.  Yet, he's considered sane and myself and the patient that know the truth are the crazy ones.  We're the ones drinking the Kool-Aid.

Insanity is normal right now.  Like medicine has been passed off as "health," insanity is being passed off as sanity.  In Italy right now, there are four hospitals that have wings dedicated to Upper Cervical Care.  The Upper Cervical Practitioners are working hand in hand with the medical professionals to discover the cause of some of the most difficult and trying conditions known to man.  That's sanity.  That makes sense.  Imagine that - health professionals working together to ensure that sick people get well and stay well.  That's Italy...that's not us.

There are many great things about our country, but we've lost our collective minds when it comes to health.  If you had a Migraine and you took a pill - and it went away - and then you had another one six days later and you took another pill - and it went away.  And you kept repeating this pattern over and over.  Is that not insane?  You do the same thing time and time again, yet you keep getting Migraines.  Would not the sane approach be to find out what's causing the Migraine.  I'm not in the habit of making guarantees, but I GUARANTEE you that the Migraine isn't coming from a medication deficiency.  Guaranteed.  Yet, is that not the approach for Migraines and almost every other health condition?  And is that not the approach that we're taught by our medical physicians?

Try being a non-conformist.  Non-confirmists built this country.  They said the earth wasn't flat and sailed the ocean blue.  They said democracy could work.  They said steam engines could be built. They said that electricity could be harnessed into a tiny bulb.  They said that computers could sit in your lap.  Don't be a zombie.  BE WELL instead.  Trust me, from personal experience, life is a lot better that way. 

As BJ Palmer wrote, "The mission of a book is to make people think, reason, analyze, and act accordingly."  This blog follows those same goals.  

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