Monday, February 13, 2012


Last week, we briefly discussed a case where a person's body rid itself of the cysts that had been there for 25 years; a fact lost on her cynical doctor that could not fathom such a "miracle" without "proof."  Such short-sightedness is common in the medical world.  In the healing arts, we are a mafia, constantly tearing each other down.  I've been accused of this.  Perhaps I'm guilty, but only in the fact that I feel like people need a good kick in the rear when it comes to their gobbling down medications and using medical doctors in situations where they, honestly, cannot help you.

Many (not to be confused with all) medical docs are notorious for the "mafia" tactic of cutting off any other approach at the knees, especially here in the U.S.  If it's not medicine, then it cannot be "right."  To give you another example, there was a blood pressure vs. Upper Cervical study done through the Univ. of Chicago Med school a few years back, the results of which were put into a "Good Morning, America" story on TV.  Awesome story.  However, ABC had their medical editor take the awesome results of that study and denounce them, pointing out the so-called flaws.  "We need more data to sort all of this out," he said.

What for?  The brainstem is the most important part of the body.  We need no further evidence of this than to look at the body.  I just moved by fingers to type this sentence.  That's evidence enough.  Without my brainstem, I couldn't do that.  What's the purpose in denying that?  It's a fact.  You can't deny it.  So, a clinical trial showed that removing irritation from the brainstem lowers blood pressure by 17 points, sustained over 8 weeks after just one little correction to the misaligned C1 vertebra that was causing that irritation.  Well, with all due respect, who would ever question that?  Anyone that understood how the body worked would understand that, naturally, removing irritation to the brainstem that regulates blood pressure would lower blood pressure to some degree.  Medical studies need clinical trials to push through their chemical concoctions, but such studies are not needed as evidence to what the human body is capable of doing when nothing is internally blocking it from doing so. 

The evidence to the capabilities of the body are present from the moment we're born.  The fact that we can move or cry or see or hear or smell or urinate or eat is evidence of an immeasurable amount of natural intelligence.  It amazes me how dumb so many smart people can be in denying the power in that.  Shouldn't we be working toward trying to tap into it; to figure out how to unleash that massive reservoir of internal healing capability?  That question would come across as hokey to medically-minded people, but if one study showed that blood pressure could be lowered simply by allowing the body to properly regulate itself, why would we spend so much time trying to come up with blood pressure medications if not to fill the deep pockets of people standing in the way of human progress?

Evidence shows that every medication known to man has side effects.  These side effects account for, according to Harvard's study in 1998, 220,000 deaths per year (the unspoken 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.).

Evidence shows that your body needs no help to be well.  There are nothing but side benefits to the assurance that it's working the way it was designed to.  Upper Cervical Care is simply about making that assurance.  It has side benefits; not side effects.

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