Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Law of Life

Why is the United States one of the sickest countries in the world?

Well, let's go back to my story.  For years, I suffered.  Debilitating pain before I even reached high school, inability to focus, digestive problems, and chronic and persistent pain all day and every day between ages 19-23.  That was my reality.  Each doctor that I saw sold me symptom relief.  Be it medications, shots, electronic stimulators, nerve blocks, ultrasound, laser, manipulations, etc., it was all about the fastest ways to get me over the hump with my symptoms.  This is healthcare in the United States.  I lived it for years.  For two thousand years, the approach has not evolved.  Stronger chemical compounds and more sophisticated technology have replaced the old ways of potions and stones and the like, but it's all based on the same philosophy.  That philosophy is known as allopathy - the treatment of disease by methods that produce the effects opposite of symptoms. 

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it, right? 

The allopathic philosophy doesn't help people get well; that's the issue.  For ten years, I met doctors of all varieties that fell into the trap of symptom treatment; doctors that with a mindset of "what can I give this patient to make that symptom go away."  BJ Palmer, developer of the healthcare paradigm known as Upper Cervical Care, called that medical mindset "outside-in" thinking.  In other words, these doctors were focusing all of their attention on finding something outside of the body to cure a problem coming from inside the body.  This is like looking at the check engine light in your car and covering it up with a piece of black tape - it's not going to solve in the internal problem and, thus, the internal problem will continue and get worse by having ignored it in favor of temporarily making the symptom subside. 

What the medical approach ignores is the undeniable, fundamental law of cause and effect.  Actions have consequences, every action has a reaction, what goes into the past has got to come of the future.  It trumps all theory.  It just is what it is and we can't argue it.  Subsequently, there's a "Law of Life," as written by Palmer, that is as simple and easy to understand as 1+1=2.  Based on the law of cause and effect, the Law of Life is something that, as Palmer did, I will be repeating again and again throughout this blog.  It, like the law of cause and effect, cannot be argued and cannot be denied.  It's been there right under our noses for thousands of years, but we haven't grasped it, yet (perhaps because it's too simple).

The Law of Life: we don't consciously control any vitally important thing that happens in our bodies.  Our bodies are a complex electrical network that would put New York City's electrical engineers to shame.  The brainstem develops first.  It's our generator; our main fuse; our Houston control.  It powers the body, it directs the remainder of development, and it will ultimately govern the function of every vital organ, muscle, and tissue.  The brain and spinal cord are next.  The brain is your body's own, personal super computer that comes ready made with an indescribable amount of intelligence; enough to ensure that 75 trillion cells in your body performs 250,000 chemical reactions every split second for up to a hundred years.  The brainstem and brain work together to direct that flow of information to the organs, muscles, and tissues, using the spinal cord as a highway like a food company uses the interstate to traffic trucks to all cities.  The billions of nerves that extend from the spinal cord are the exits and roadways off of which the information from the brain/stem reaches the organs, muscles, tissues, and cells.  The organs, muscles, and tissues develop at the ends of the nerves.  The organs produce the cells. 

Digestion, immune response, seeing, hearing, heart beat, breathing, reproduction, urination, hormone production, and each and every other key function of the body is run by this system that YOU didn't build and that YOU don't control.  It's an internal, organized, wildly intelligent power supply that constantly takes inorganic matter (food) and turns it into living matter in order to replenish, rebuild, and refine for the purpose of maintaining and sustaining YOUR life - for YOUR body to move and to function. 

It's a natural law.  It's a fact of life. 

So, I ask you to think of all the health conditions that you've ever had, from minor to major, and to think of the prominent health conditions that those close to you have had and I want you to ask yourself, "How does the Law of Life relate?  Does the allopathic/medical philosophy work with or against this law?"

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