Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Battle Between Education and Health

The medical approach to addressing a health condition has been to simply treat the symptoms that go along with the diagnosis.  For instance, if you have a fever (symptom), then they'll give you Motrin (treatment) for the diagnosis of pyrexia (fever's fancy name).  This is the way of things for every condition from the most minor cut to the most significant cancer. 

A few days ago, I asked you to consider if that approach worked for or against the Law of Life that we discussed.  To recap, the Law of Life simply states that your body is powered by an inborn wisdom that keeps every organ, muscle, and tissue doing what it needs to be doing all day and every day for your entire life.  To answer Tuesday's works against it.  Looking at the fever example - the body temperature rises.  Medicine's approach is to lower the temperature.  Unfortunately, doing so ignores something very important; that being, your body's temperature rose for a reason.  It rises when the immune system needs to fight off something, without exception.  If you simply treat the fever, then whatever caused the fever then gets free reign.  Ultimately, a greater problem has been created by medically/chemically getting in the way. 

Education is a great tool, but it works against us when it comes to health because education makes us ignore simple logic.  That inborn wisdom, which BJ Palmer refers to as innate intelligence, is infinitely - yes, INFINITELY - smarter the most educated person on the planet.  Proof?  Fair enough.  Take a group of the world's most renowned scientists and put them in a room.  Tell them to take a piece of bread and turn it into a living, human cell.  They can't do it.  Yet, that inborn wisdom of yours does it every day.  The point?  It's not very intelligent to get in the way of innate intelligence, for it knows when, why, and how your body does what it does at all times when it is doing it.

This may be somewhat controversial to state, but there's no questioning it: education prevents us from being healthy.  The medical mindset is to use education to place medical thinking above logic and reason, all the while rendering health a weird science experiment.  The Upper Cervical Practitioner's approach to health is to get out of the way; to remove any obstruction that may prevent the inborn wisdom (aka innate intelligence) from doing what it needs to do optimally; to ensure that the body's ability to self-regulate, heal, and sustain is no less than 100% / normal.  

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