Friday, February 24, 2012

The Source of All Healing

If there is one thing above all else that I've taken away from BJ Palmer's "Law of Life," volume 36 of a series of books written to define the purpose and philosophy of healing, it would be that Palmer had an unbelievably advanced way of thinking about health.  It's so simple and it makes so much sense.  Rather than a theory based on research that will be irrelevant in two or so decades, Palmer uses anatomy and physiology to teach us how healing happens and the simple and easy to understand manner in which we can ensure that it does.  People often tell me that "our theory" makes sense.  It's not really a theory.  This is basic science applied in a logical method. 

The only thing that complicates it is that people have a hard time coming to grips with their brains, neurologic systems, or bodies (as a whole) being smart enough to figure things out on its own.  We think that we have to intervene in some way.  Upper Cervical Care is, yes, an intervention, but one with the purpose of ensuring that your brain, your neurologic system, and body (as a whole) is able to use its intelligence (inborn to it) to figure it all out. 

We've been taught disease.  We've been taught that every symptom comes from some outside source that must be addressed with some sort of outside means.  The reality, based not on theory but on simple science applied, is that health breaks down from the inside.  Conditions develop on the inside.  We've been taught a lot of things that are not fundamentally sound, in theory.  The fact that they are merely theories automatically should make you question their validity. 

What we cannot deny is that the body heals itself.  The evidence is overwhelming.  You cut your arm, your body heals it.  You break your leg, your body heals it.  You have the flu, your body heals it.  We learn that early on, too.  Unfortunately, we either forget about that or take it for granted.  As years go by, the fact that our brains, bodies, and neurologic systems are infinitely smarter than we could ever be gets ignored in favor of a bunch of theories.  Did you personally have to think about or help your cut to heal, your leg to mend, or your immune system to knock out the flu virus?  You may have thought that it was the Neosporin, the cast, or the Tylenol, but it wasn' was your body.  It didn't then and rarely does it now need those interventions. 

It's really simple: from the moment that the sperm and egg that created you met and joined together, your body gained access to an intelligence that directed your development into a fully functional adult.  Trust that innate intelligence.  It's responsible for every function in your body.  Try giving it some credit.  Your body is an assembly line.  That innate intelligence powers it and makes it run.  It powers the messages from the brain thru the brainstem to the nerves to the organs to the cells and back up to the brain.  That's the source for all healing. 

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